Lets Play Cupid-Episode 8


Good, maybe he wasn’t ever told the sufferings of his wife. What sort of man who didn’t care to know?.

“Sir, you may want me out by tomorrow and I would leave. But for someone who claims to care about his wife don’t you think you need to put aside your anger towards me for bruising your ego and put your wife first, because she needs care and attention and I don’t see how your bickering with your so—

He gave her that cold look again.

“I mean that man would help her. She needs peace, love,support and care. I am a nurse sir, and I have worked with so many patients, and I was told in the hospital that there were a number of nurses who came and didn’t stay and I don’t know what the reason is and neither do I care. I was sent here to do a job and I intend to do my job ,and I am sorry I won’t let anyone jeopardize my work and the life of my patient sir, even if he is my boss and the one footing my payment bills and if sir you have a problem with that I would call the hospital and tell them to get me another job and I would be out of here by morning, but if anything does happen to your wife due to lack of proper care..it would be on you and your over-sized ego..SIR!!’’ she said with all calmness. She was intent to drive home a point. She didn’t blink not when his cold eyes turned to ice or was it lasers and looked as though he could fire her up if he could. Or maybe he would just slap her and kick her out tonight.

She hopes he doesn’t. the silence was deafening..and without saying another word he turns and began walking away but he stops at the door

“I don’t like you..Nurse. Today you stay, and do your job. The next time you as much as disrespect me or talk to me that way again..I don’t care if you are helping my wife, I would have you out of here falling on your ass you would regret stepping into my house and I would make sure you don’t have another nurse working permit for a long time’’ and with that he slams the door shut, Marybeth blinks.

Rude!! And he still didn’t even go to his wife..

“Thelma, its okay it’s okay. The big bad wolf has gone to his cave. You are safe” she says going to Thelma whose silent tears had soaked her face, she takes a towel and wipes her eyes, holding her hands she calms her down cooing her softly

“He is angry, he always gets angry..and it hurts it hurts” Thelma shakes her head from side to side

“Sssshh it’s okay Thelma, it’s okay. Nurse Marybeth is here and I promise I would give him hell” Marybeth says smiling

“y-you will?” she sniffs , Marybeth smiles nodding

‘’Oh yeah.!!.”

Thelma chuckles.

That’s it Thelma, that’s it. Smile..laugh. Laughter is a good medicine. You seem to not have had that in your life for a long time.

She keeps talking to her and then slowly Thelma drifts off to sleep, Marybeth stays with her intending to leave when she is sure she doesn’t wake up or is in need of anything in the night. She makes herself comfortable in the chair and continues reading the book to pass time.


Adam walked into the house by midnight, it was cold, dark and safe for the light leading into the hall way.

“Do you need me to get you anything sir?” The butler opens the door for him wearing a robe, Adam shakes his head

“Go to sleep Richard, I just want to see my mother” Adam says tapping him by his shoulders and leaves him by the door.

He opens the door to find the room dark safe for a bedside lamb showing a dim light, he goes to her bed and sits down, staring down at her, a sad smile on his face

“Hello mother, I am sorry I didn’t come to see you earlier before you slept and didn’t read you to sleep. I miss you mum, I miss your smiles and laugher, I miss when you were strong and healthy. I miss when we were happy, you, me, Damien” he blinks away threatening tears

“I know its my fault, I know its my fault. I took away your son, I was driving that car mom and I wish I was the one who died. This pain…this pain is my hell and it’s a well deserved hell. I am sorry mother.. I wish I could make all your hurts go away and pain too..I wish I could” he cries into her hair , holding her hands he doesn’t let go..


Marybeth finds him there in the morning, his hands tightly gripping Thelma’s and dried tears on his face. She stares down at him wondering why a grown ass man like him would have to cry. Maybe because his mother was in this state.
Thelma was fast asleep but she figured she must have woken up in the middle of the night and finding him there beside her she placed her hands on his head and went back to sleep, a simple but motherly loving gesture.

He seemed peaceful as he slept, part of his hair covered his eyes, without thinking she brushes it away carefully to find really long lashes. Last night the man who stared at her with equally cold eyes like Sir Gerald’s didn’t look so mean now.

Bending low she continues to stare down at him , sadly he was a handsome man, a cold-eyed-handsome man, she chuckles, how she hated those types.

What would happen if she flicked his nose and wakes him up. He was in the way of her job at the moment and she had to wake Thelma up to bath and clean her, give her drugs, massage her a bit, feed her and make sure she is as comfortable as a queen and this cry baby was pressing her with his big head..okay with his handsome big head.. that hair though..running-hands-through-it-worthy, she smiles.

Raising her hand up, still close to him she makes her fingers into a rock star sign showing a hole on the side, ready to flick his nose awake and move out of the way before he sees her..

A second before she releases her finger to his nose, his eyes suddenly flew open, to stare face to face with Marybeth who is a few air spaces from his face. With shock she yelps backing away and almost falling backwards, he reaches out standing and grabs her pulling her back with force preventing her from falling over the stool and hitting her head.

That movement propels her forward and lands on his chest, face to face with him.

“Oops!! Wow such reflexes there Mr—

“Are you mad?” he thunders , up close his eyes were a dull beautiful grey,

‘’Wait what..what did I do?”

‘’Next time be conscious of what’s behind you, for a nurse you are quite clumsy” he spat

“Look here—

He pushes her away from him and walks out leaving her staring at him, she scoffs frowning


‘’Are all the men in this house arrogant jerks??’’ she wonders

Thelma stirs..

“who is there?” she opens her eyes.

“Its Nurse Marybeth Thelma, do you remember me?” she goes to her