Lethal Bride Final Episode


what are you talking about? What two people are you talking about?”. She looked at him in a way that sent shivers down his spine. She got up from him and went to the drawer and took out the picture. He froze on the bed, he knew he was exposed already and there was nothing he could do.

“you are just so careless with your dirty work”, she got closer to him and pointed to the picture, “that’s my dad, that’s my mom and that’s me smiling and happy with my parents. This is what you took away from me, this is what you and your father stole from me”. His palms and under his feet were already very cold.

“Crystal I beg you, I didn’t know what I was doing then, please have mercy for the love we share please”

“You are begging me Easton. When my parents begged you did you listen? Did you listen to their pleas? Did you? Easton did you? Now you want me to have mercy on you, you want me to shove the matter under the carpet. You have no conscience Easton, you killed my parents and you married me. You are a devil, you and your father and the both of you would not escape my revenge”. Her eyes could no longer contain the liquid in them, so it released tears that flowed freely down her cheeks.

“Easton I was homeless, haggard and hungry, I didn’t know where my next meal would come from then you came to me in sheep clothing pretending to help me”. Easton was scared, he knew her capabilities he knew what he had created and he feared for his life.

“Crystal please listen to me, for the love we share please”

“what love are you talking about?”

“If I could turn back the hands of time, I would undo all the wrongs I did to hurt you this much, please listen to me, listen to my heart, listen to your heart too please Crystal”. She bent down and brought out a knife and a gun from under the bed.

“what side of your chest is your heart located”

“Crystal please” he pleaded

“Answer me!” she screamed

“the left side” he quickly responded. She got closer holding the knife and the gun carelessly in both hands.

“your father is probably dead by now, she said with a wicked grin on her face”. Easton’s eyes widened with so much fear.

“how do you know?’

“I know because I killed him”

“What! How?”

“He was feeling so sleepy at the wedding, that’s because I slipped in a blue pill into his drink. Once it enters the system he would feel sleepy and once he succumbs to the sleepiness, the pill slows the heart slowly until it stops finally”. Easton stared at her in disbelief. “How does it feel to loose a parent through murder?” She got closer and pierced the left part of his chest with the knife, he winced and pleaded. “Just the way my parents begged for their life, it would be the same way today, you would beg for your life but I will kill you anyway”

“Crystal please you are not yourself, free my hands and let us talk about it like a couple”

“You think I’m stupid”. Just then they heard slow footsteps. She turned and looked at the base of the door of the room, she saw a shadow, she was ready for anything. She pointed the gun to the door and waited for the door to be pushed open. The person behind the door kicked the door open to reveal Bruce holding a gun and pointing at her too.

“What does this mean?” she looked confused

“what does it look like?” Bruce saw Easton tied to the bed and laughed “I see you both are already having a rough marriage”

“what do you want here?’ she asked with her gun still pointed at him,

“I am here to tell you that you and Easton will die today”


“you killed my elder brother, then you killed my twin, there was a camera that day in the house, I saw everything and since then I have been stalking the both of you, I saw the shock on your face the first day you saw me, you thought you saw a ghost. I made you believe that I knew nothing about your hands in my brother’s death”. Easton kept mute he couldn’t say anything, his whole world had crashed down. Bruce walked past Crystal and pointed the gun at Easton.

“Mr Easton, the Architect of deaths, I see you have been defeated by your own puppet”, Bruce cocked his gun and went closer. Crystal cocked her own gun

“leave him alone, he is mine”, Bruce ignored her and was about to pull the trigger when her bullet hit his back, he turned round weakly in pain and pointed the gun at her,

“you have killed my whole family”, the gun dropped from his hand as his body fell with a heavy thud and breathed his last. By this time Easton was already sweating with fear. She got closer, stepped over the body on the floor and sat on Easton. His breathing became labored. She dangled the knife in front of him.

“You see this knife, its going to go into your heart three times, one for my dad, the other for my mom and the last is for me”

“Crystal please don’t do this, I am begging you, we can work things through between us please” he begged. She remembered something; she got up and picked her phone on the table then resumed her position on him. She dialed Francesca and Reuben’s numbers and told them that there was an emergency in the house and their presence is needed, they both complied to come straight away. Crystal eyes were already red from so much tears, the images of her parents lying in their pool of blood kept appearing in her mind.

“My parents bodies went missing, what happened to them?”

“They were cremated”. That got her really mad and she stabbed him with all her might on his chest, he screamed and struggled to push her off him but she still maintained her balance on top of him.

“That was for cremating their bodies”,

“Crystal I beg you” he said in a strangled voice. “please have mercy”

“You didn’t have mercy on my parents so I wouldn’t have on you”. She stabbed him deeply the second time with so much rage, her hands and dress were already bloody.

“That was for my dad”, she stabbed him again with a doubled rage and his blood splashed all over her,

“that was for my mother”, then she dug the knife into the place she stabbed slowly. He screamed with so much pain and anguish. She left the knife there then stood up; he was loosing so much blood and was shaking. She took her gun and shot his left hand that had the wedding band on it. She looked at his legs and shot both of his knee caps. He shouted so much that it almost deafened her but she didn’t care.

“The pain you feel right now, can not be compared to the pain you have caused me”. He was trying to talk but words couldn’t come out. She paid close attention to his mouth and saw that he mouthed

“I am sorry”.

“No you are not; if you are you would bring my parents back”. She closed her eyes and shot him straight in his forehead. She fell to the floor and cried so much. She was all bloody. She took up her phone and dialed 911, a woman picked. “911, what’s the emergency?’

“There is a murderer in my house”

“ma’am where are you calling from?”. Crystal gave the address and flung her phone to the floor. She drooped the knife and the gun beside Easton’s body and walked downstairs with her bloody wedding gown. She got outside and saw Francesca and Reuben approaching, they rushed towards her when they saw how bloody she looked.

“What happened?” Francesca asked wide eyed.

“Where is Easton?” Reuben asked

“I killed him” Crystal knelt down and put her hands at the back of her head.

“What is happening I don’t understand?” Francesca was already scared.

“We are all going down?”

“Meaning?” Reuben asked with so much doom in his voice.

“Are you deaf? Cant you hear the sirens?” They all heard the sirens, they were so close, and it was too late to run away as the lights of the vehicles almost blinded them. The sirens got louder. Crystal was going to confess to all the crimes she did, everything that had been covered up by Easton was going to come out. She knew she was going to spend a very long time behind bars. The policemen came out of the car running towards them with guns raised.

“Hands behind your head” Francesca and Reuben raised their hands and went down on their knees beside Crystal. They were just too shocked to even utter a sound. Crystal closed her eyes and saw her mother’s face.

“I’m sorry mom, but I deserve it”.


Story by Barbra Austin

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