Lethal Bride Episode 38


As they walked towards the limo her smile turned into a curious look. She saw the back of a familiar man she once knew. He was obviously flirting with the lady he was talking to. With his left hand in his pocket and a wine glass on his lips he turned round and saw the look on Crystal face, and smiled then walked up to them.

“Congratulations to the newest couple in town”, he lifted his glass as he talked. Easton was dumbfounded and confused,

“Bruce how did you know we were getting married today?” he asked.

“That’s a rhetorical question with an obvious answer; you guys are all over social media and since you guys left the Trump hotel without uttering a word of goodbye I decided to attend your wedding uninvited, but I was late”. Easton looked really suspicious but Crystal had a face without expression. What Easton and Bruce talked about had nothing to do with her, she had her own agenda and didn’t care about anyone. People started surrounding them, some were shaking Easton while most ladies either Crystal a pat on her back or a hug.

By the time the crowd cleared Bruce was out of sight. Easton scanned through the crowd to get a sight of him but he was gone and that got him worried a bit. He looked at Crystal and noticed how she paid less attention to him, she wasn’t suspicious as usual. There was something different about her but he couldn’t place his finger on. He just shrugged and decided she was just tired and tensed Wedding was over, all the well wishers bid them farewell as they drove off in the limo.

Easton radiated so much joy from within. Everything was perfect and beautiful. He turned to his bride and admired her

“You are so beautiful”, she turned and smiled

“thank you”. He laced his fingers through her fingers and sighed

“I just feel complete with you beside me as my wife”, then a thought came, he remembered that she cancelled their honeymoon trip, “honey why did you cancel the trip I wanted to plan for us”

“That’s because I don’t see it as necessary and we mustn’t follow the trend, besides the house is perfect if we are all alone together” she replied. Everything she said wasn’t convincing enough to him but he had to make her happy by doing her wish. The thought of seeing Bruce came to his mind.

“weren’t you worried when you saw Bruce today?”, she turned to him

“no, I wasn’t. I am already used to him turning up suddenly everywhere we go”. Easton kept his fingers laced through her fingers as they talked till they got home. As Easton and Crystal entered the house the maids were there to welcome them home. Crystal called them together and gave them one week off and made sure they left immediately. Finally the house just contained the both of them. Easton swept her off her feet and carried her upstairs to the room that now belonged to them. He drooped her when they got to the room, he pointed to the bed and there she saw a little white enveloped, she opened and saw a note from him.

“Thank you for getting married to me” She wrapped her hands around his head and pulled him closer to her lips. She kissed him in a way she had never kissed him before. His arms went round her waist as he too pulled her closer to himself. Everything seemed perfect. He wished she had allowed them travel for their honeymoon but in order to make her happy he had to obey her bidding.

“I noticed at a point you weren’t comfortable at the reception, is anything bothering you?”

“nothing my love, I am perfectly fine”. He looked deep into her eyes and smiled,

“you have made me a happy man, thank you”

“no, I am supposed to thank you”


“sparing my life and taking me into your house”

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“ This is no more a house but a home, its not my home but our home. So are we going to take our first shower as a married couple together”, he grinned. She hated the grin on his face and felt like slapping it off but she smiled a little concealing the burning hatred she had for him. “if only he knows what’s coming?” she thought.

“no need for shower we are okay like this” she said.She took off his tuxedo and tossed it to the floor,

” lie down”, he looked at her with a form of surprise

“why?”. She smiled broadly

“you would see”. He obeyed and laid on the bed. She removed his shoes and then his socks. Then she sat on the bed and removed her own shoes. He felt so fulfilled and content; he was so filled with admiration for her. She finished removing her shoes and got up then bent down so low so her hand could reach under the bed. She pulled out handcuffs and dangled it. He was amused when he saw the cuffs in her hand. He smiled.

“Why do you have cuffs?” she got up and smiled,

“don’t worry its all part of the plan for the night”, she got closer, “raise your hand honey” he obeyed and raised his hand. She cuffed his hand and kissed him.

“this is so weird” he said

“how weird?” she asked

“very weird” he responded.

“nothing is weird, I am just going to love you this night” she replied.

She unbuttoned his shirt, then traced her fingers lightly from his chest on a straight line to his belt buckle. He was already getting excited. She unbuckled his belt and pulled it out, then released the button of his trouser and zipped it down.

“was this the plan you had in your head to do to me on our wedding night?” his eyes were slowly becoming dark with desire. She looked at him,

“there is more coming, more than you can think”. She pulled his trouser down to his ankle and left it there. She got up and took off her earrings, then loosened her hair. He loved the way her hair hovered around her shoulders. Her smiling face started turning to a face that had known no smile from birth. Her countenance suddenly changed. Easton noticed this change and got worried.

“What’s the problem? Is it something I said?”. Got on top of him and sat down.

“take off your dress, it’s itchy”. She didn’t answer but gave him a hard stare, her eyes that were once tender had something strong in them. He felt uneasy, “Crystal what’s the problem? Your countenance is suddenly changed”

“do you know why it is changed? that’s because I want you to give me back what you stole from me”

“what do you mean?”

“you took away two people that meant the world to me”