Lethal Bride Episode 37


Pictures were taken; everybody had a pose to take in front of the camera. Easton was so happy taking poses with Crystal, his arms were constantly around her, proud to be the husband of a very beautiful and attractive woman. After the picture taking, people started heading to the reception venue. The color decoration at the reception venue was gold and white; the sitting arrangement was awesome and superbly unique. The guests were wowed by everything they saw.

A slow love song was being played out as the couple walked in, everybody cheered as they got in. little children ran about even if their parents tried to restrict their movements. Easton went of his way in search of a very funny MC that got people laughing at his wedding, everything the MC talked about were always laced with jokes. It got to the toast session, family and friends gave their toasts,

Easton’s dad gave his toast and also interjected marital advice into it. The groomsmen and Bridesmaids gave their toast. It was now time for Easton to give his own toast.

“I’m so delighted to be able to stand here today with Crystal, I never knew what I was missing until I fell in love with her, she brings me a kind of joy I have never experienced in my life, she makes me feel new everyday and brings out a side of me I never knew I had, I am so proud to have something this beautiful by my side, I don’t deserve her but I’m am lucky to have her, everybody raise your glasses and lets toast to the most beautiful bride in the whole world”. Glasses started clinking as they said

“to the most beautiful bride in the whole world”. It was now time for Crystal to give her own toast; she stood up smiling broadly,

“today would forever be a memorable day for me, I got married to the man I love so much, a man who took out something so dear away from me, my heart, I’m going to kill him for making me love him so deeply” she laughed as everyone laughed at her realistic joke.

Easton and Crystal danced to “At Last” by Etta James. He never took his eyes off his beautiful bride, she meant everything to him, and he held her with so much affection and love. She wrapped hands around his neck, never taking her eyes off him, she acted really well as a joyful bride, but deep within she was full of range and revenge.

The couple’s dance ended and everyone came to the dance floor. Easton groomsmen surrounded him as he danced, Easton’s father took Crystal arms,

“come let’s dance”, she felt like using something to stab him but she just smiled and danced with him. They danced for a while then suddenly she said she was tired and needed to seat a little, he allowed her and continued to dance. Crystal sat down and watched father and son dance happily, “if only they know what’s coming” she thought, she beckoned on a waiter to come and ordered him to get her two glasses of wine, the waiter responded to her promptly. He came with glasses of wine and gave them to her, she took it and placed them on the table as she secretly slipped a blue pill into one of the glasses. She watched it dissolve within split seconds then got up and walked towards where her supposed father in law was dancing. She tapped him on his shoulder, he swirled round

“hey, are you rested now”

“yea, I am”. He noticed she held two wine glasses,

“for Easton and yourself I guess”

“Nah”, she shook her head

“one is actually for you and the other for me”

“how nice, thanks”. As soon as she handed him the glass Easton came smiling broadly. He wrapped his hand around her waist and kissed the nape of her neck.

“how’s my beautiful wife doing”

“I’m enjoying myself”, she replied. Easton father smiled seeing the love his son had for her.

“Alright, let me leave you two love birds together”, he looked at Crystal, “welcome to the family daughter and welcome fully and officially to the family’s business”, he raised his glass and clicked on her own glass, she had a mischievous smile playing on her face as she said

“Drink to your rest dad”. She still had the smile on her face as Easton pulled her away to the dance floor.

From where she and Easton danced she had her eyes on his father, she noticed his movement slowed. She watched how he sat down, trying to fight off the sleepiness he felt. Her smile deepened as she watched to her entertainment. It got to the point of her tossing her cascading flower to all the single females at the reception. All of them took positions behind her, watching her hands with the eye of an eagle as they waited.

Crystal closed her eyes, lifted her hands up and threw the flower behind her. She turned round to see a violent stampede and laughed hard. The flower was already in shreds so almost every of the single ladies had a piece. Everyone laughed, some took pictures while others videoed everything.

It was now Easton’s turn to do the garter tossing. A chair was brought to the centre as everyone urged Crystal to sit down. She eventually sat down, smiling and waiting for Easton to take the garter off her thigh. Easton stood in front of her smiling, and then he went down on all fours and crawled closer to her. Everyone cheered at every move he made.

He lifted her gown then covered himself with it; his head became invisible as his mouth was doing the work by pulling down the garter. The guest roared in laughter, some clapped, while other looked on with smiles on their faces.

Easton kept pulling the garter from her thigh with his mouth; eventually he was able to bring down to her legs then took it out with his hands. The single guys positioned themselves behind as they waited to catch the garter. Easton stalled and that added excitement to the garter tossing. Finally he threw it behind him and the guys scampered to get it. The garter seemed to have disappeared.

“Where is the garter?” was the sentence of every single guy at the wedding. Someone suddenly shouted

“the garter is here”, everyone turned to the direction of the voice and saw the little ring bearer holding the garter and grinning. It was a very funny sight, everyone laughed out so hard and loud.

Finally the wedding was coming to an end, Easton appreciated everyone that came. Soon guest started leaving gradually. Easton noticed how his father was and went up to him.

“dad what’s the matter?, you don’t look too good”

“I just feel very sleepy son, I need to go home now. Happy married life”, the father hugged him, then left. Easton hurried to where his bride was waiting.

“wedding is over, now let’s go home honey”. He took her hand and led her away from the venue to the limo waiting for them. She noticed the absence of his father

“where is your father?’

“he said he was feeling so sleepy so he had to leave”

“he must be really tired”, she said still carrying the smile on her face.