Banking Episode 44


‘’It appears that Adedeji here is linked to the lady the oracles are referring to.’’ Ifarotimi pronounced and there was a sigh of relief from the High chiefs.
To Deji, he said ‘’so Adedeji, what’s her name?’’

Deji starred at Ifarotimi with a puzzled expression, processing his question. He was brought up in a
traditional setting, shocking revelations was not new to him. ‘

’Theresa,’’ he simply said. Who else would it be if not his supposed fiancée.

‘’What’s her mother’s name?’’ Ifarotimi asked.
Deji answered. Ifarotimi then he said some incantations before declaring,

‘’No. There is another woman in your life. Not
your mother, but she has been in your life since forever. Who is she?’

Deji thought if she wasn’t his mother and has been in his life since forever, then it was none other than his first love. ‘’Nike.’’ Her mother’s name was Awele.’’ Ifarotimi did the usual which took longer than earlier.

‘’That’s her. Nike. Awele wasn’t her mother though.’’

Getting information from the gods on a particular individual with the person’s name and that of his mother was traditionally faster than just with the individual’s name. That has been the reason Ifarotimi always ask for the mother’s name when consulting the gods about a person.

‘’No Sir! I knew her mother.’’ Deji said with a lot of confidence.

‘’I knew her when she was still alive too, Deji. Her plantain chips was the best in town. But you know the gods don’t lie.’’ Akanbi declared calmly.

‘’Ifarotimi then added, ‘’Like Afobaje said, the gods don’t lie. We need to get Nike here right away. She’s our next Queen.’’

With this announcement the High chiefs congratulated themselves. Amidst of this, Akanbi who has been in thought for a moment said to Ifarotimi. ‘’If she’s to be the Queen, then who is ….’’ He broke off and faced Deji. ‘’Who is she to you?’’
There was a brief silence for a moment before Deji said,

‘’ a colleague at work.’’

The expression of the faces of the High chiefs puzzled him. He didn’t really need to be Harvey Spectre to figure out what they were insinuating.

‘’Just a colleague?’’ one of the High Chiefs asked with his eyes searching.

“Yes, Oloye.’’

Akanbi cleared his throat and said, ‘’Look here, Deji. You’re no kid and I’m sure you know where we’re driving at. But first things first. We need to meet her.’