Banking Episode 43


Just as he was about to take his sleeve off completely, his body vibrated. Soon enough his ringtone came alive. Like having a peaceful sleep and your work alarm ran, Doyin grunted. Deji could understand.

He didn’t touch the phone, instead he removed his sleeves and unbelt his trousers while the phone rang out. He hung the apparel at the back of Doyin’s already shut door.

He went back to Doyin who was already unclad to finish off what he had started. Doyin made a move to pull down his boxer shorts but his phone’s ringtone came alive and she stopped.

‘’Will you just pick it already?’’ she said through her teeth. Reluctantly, he located the phone, quick glanced on the screen showed ‘’Adeleye,’ his step brother.

‘’Bro, how far?’’ he mumbled.

‘’Not good, Deji. Where are you?’’ Adeleye said worriedly at the other end of the line.

‘’I’m at home, bro. what’s the matter?’’

‘’Seriously, you’re at home? All the eligible of the four Ruling Houses are here. We’re meeting with Ifarotimi tomorrow before aurora.’’

‘’Really? How come I’m not aware?’’ he asked with his eyebrow raised.

‘’Probably you haven’t been on planet earth, brother.’’

They both chuckled.

‘’I’ll see you in the morning, bro.’’ he said ending the call. Like a child you had promised a candy before going out and came back empty-handed, Doyin gazed at Deji searchingly.

‘’I’m sorry. Something just came up. I guess we’ll have to reschedule.’’ Deji uttered in an apologetic manner.

If not for the good show he had put on before the call came in, Doyin would have thought he was play-acting. With hesitation, she responded

‘’postponement it will be.’’ Really, what were they postponing? Well, some words are better left unsaid.

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After the spiritual examinations of the eligibles last week, Ifarotimi announced that none of the ladies were picked. As a result, he further consulted the gods who later revealed to him that the mystery lady was close to one of the four Ruling Houses. Ifarotimi should have thought why the gods didn’t just reveal the mystery lady to him and her location at once instead of making him bring down several people to the shrine for scrutiny. He was taught better.

He, as usual notified Afobaje who got in touch with the Ruling Houses. No one seemed to get through to Ireti and his son until his half-brother, Adeleye, arrived yesterday. Deji got to the shrine just in time when Ifarotimi was addressing the assembly.

‘’Well, it appears none of you eligibles here are linked to the lady. We’ll have to consult the gods for guidance.’’ Ifarotimi announced as he just concluded examining the present eligibles.

‘’You might need to hold on with that thought, Ifarotimi. Someone just walked in.’’ Akanbi informed answered ticed Deji’s presence. ‘’isn’t this Adedeji?’’

‘’Yes, sir.’’ He answered.

‘’Alright then. Please step forward.’’ Ifarotimi said to him.

Deji came forward and knelt in front of a calabash which was filled with water. After given Ifarotimi his mother’s name, Ifarotimi then said some incantations, before placing Deji’s left hand in the calabash.

A certain image showed in the water that only Ifarotimi could see. He grinned. With the look on the Oracle consultant’s face, he was pretty sure they were a step closer to getting the Ooni’s seat filled. Ifarotimi beckoned on Akanbi and whispered in his ear. Akanbi discharged the rest of the assembly, leaving the High chiefs, Deji, Ifarotimi and himself.

‘’Shall we continue?’’ he said to Ifarotimi.