Lethal Bride Episode 36


He wondered why she looked at him like that; he shrugged “wedding tension I guess”. He got behind the wheel of the limo and drove to the church. Arriving at the church she saw Easton’s father standing and making a call, she frowned “you are going down” she thought.

They got out of the limo getting ready for the bride entrance, Crystal sighted Ella who was already running towards her with her flower basket and screaming, Ella was indeed happy to see her. She hugged Crystal with so much happiness,

“I miss you”, Crystal didn’t know how to respond to her gestures and just forced a smile through her veil and patted her hair. Easton’s father smiled as he walked towards them.

“My beautiful daughter in law, you look amazing, come let me lead you to my son”. She glared at him through the veil but he didn’t see her face properly so he assumed she smiled. He took her hand as the ring bearer, the flower girl and bridesmaids took their positions in front of them, with Francesca standing behind all smiling and ready to follow Crystal to the altar to meet Easton.

They all took steps one at a time into the church. As they got in the pianist played “here comes the bride” rhythm, everyone stood up and faces lit in smiles at the sight of the beautifully dressed bride. Ella judiciously threw her white roses to the floor as she walked. Easton watched her with fulfillment in his heart, the joy he felt seeing her wear the white gown and walking towards him could not be quantified.

“She is going to be my wife today. See how beautiful she looks” Easton thought.

Crystal finally reached the altar and stood in front of him; Francesca took her cascading flower from Crystal and stood behind her. Everyone in the church became really quiet as the Baritone voice of the middle aged priest rung out.

“Today we are gathered together on this beautiful morning to share with Crystal and Easton as they exchange vows of their everlasting love. Who gives this woman to be married to this man?”. Easton’s father stood up, the priest looks at him and tells him to seat down.

“As Crystal and Easton take their vows today, we are happy and honored to witness the love of a new family that would be nourished and nurtured through the devotion of two separate individuals growing together through the bonds of love. May their marriage bring them peace, joy, comfort and contentment that is known in the heart of all God’s children. May Crystal and Easton both forward to each new season of their marriage, just as the world look forward to each new season of the year, for all seasons bring with them their own special memories and moments.

An essential requirement of a good marriage is a strong bond of real friendship and trust. Your love for each other should grow deeper with every passing day, but it is important to know that your love stands genuine, mutual affection and respect for one another. To love another person is to be willing to accept their strong points and their weak points with equal measures of understanding and respect.

The vows you are about to take are the verbal representation of the non- verbal emotions. For it is not the words that would bond you together as one but the strength of the love and commitment found deep in your souls”. The priest opened the book and looked at Easton and Crystal

“now, face each other and take your hands, they obeyed.

“Easton, will you take Crystal to be your wife, your partner in life and your one true love? Will you cherish her friendship and love her today, tomorrow and forever?, will you trust and honor her, laugh with her and cry with her?, will you be faithful through good times and bad times, in sickness and in health as long as you both shall live?”

“I will”, Easton smiled and replied. The priest looks at Crystal,

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“Crystal, will you take Easton to be your husband, your partner in life and your one true love? will you cherish his friendship and love him today, tomorrow and forever?, will you trust and honor him, laugh with him and cry with him?, will you be faithful through good times and bad times, in sickness and health as long as you both shall live?”. Crystal hesitated a bit, she was looking at Easton and thinking of the best way to avenge the death of her parents, her eyes were already misty with tears, and “how could they do this to me” she thought. Easton gave her little squeeze in her hand; she turned to the priest and forced a smile

“I will” she said. Easton looked at the priest,

“please I have something to say”

“what is it?”

“I want to say my personal vows to her”, the priest smiles,

“go ahead”. Easton inhales and exhales deeply, he held her hand tightly,

“I will cherish our union and love you more each day; I will give you my heart, my hand, my love. I have never felt love this genuine except with you. You taught me how to love; you brought out a side of me I didn’t know I had. You are mine and I am yours. I stand in front of this people and in front of you that my love for you will never wax cold. You are everything I desired and I promise never to take you for granted. Who knew years back that we were going to stand together at the altar and get married, but here we are.

I will love you with every fiber of my body, in sickness and health. I will be your friend, brother and father. You are my life and I will always take care of you”. Many faces lit up, it was evident he really loved the woman he was getting married to. The priest smiled and beckoned on the ring bearer to come forward with the rings. The little boy walked smartly with the ring that rested on the little peach pillow he was holding towards the altar and handed it over to the priest and walked back. Easton picked one ring and held Crystal hand,

“I Easton give you Crystal this ring as a symbol of my love and commitment to you”. He slides it on her finger, Crystal picked the ring that was left and held Easton’s hand,

“I Crystal give you Easton this ring as a symbol of my love and commitment to you” she slides it on his finger

The priest asked them to kneel down, then he placed both hands on their head and prayed for them, after he finished they got up.

“By the power vested in me being the priest of this holy sanctuary, I now pronounce you husband and wife”, he smiled at Easton “you may kiss the bride”.

Easton with so much joy raised her veil over her head and planted a long kiss on her lips. People applauded and smiled so much. The priest raised his voice in excitement

“people of God I now present you the newly wedded couple Easton and Crystal”. The guests stood up and applauded loudly as the couple and recessional went out.