Banking Episode 45


Good afternoon. I’m here to see Peter.’’ Nike said as the gateman opened the gate after she had knocked.

‘’He’s been expecting you.‘’ He stepped aside for her to come in. ‘’His flat is just up this stairs’’ He said pointing at the direction of a stair case.

‘’Okay. Thank you.’’ She simply stated and headed for the stairs.

Nike thought the flower garden made the one-storey building more beautiful. She took a deep breath before rapping the door.

‘I’ll be right there.’’ A voice said from the other end. Shortly the door opened and she could see Peter’s warm smile. He was wearing a body fitting shirt that made his muscular figure obvious. A black chinos trousers and white flip-flop. Nike thought he looked Sekxy. There was no doubt she was already liking him.

‘’Hey there. You look good.’’ He beamed, stepping aside with a hand gesture for her to come in. The sitting room was elegantly furnished. A flowery tiles covered the floor, and comfortable leather chairs were placed around the room. A plasma TV hung on the wall.

’Please have your seat.’’ He offered. She gladly accepted. ‘’What can I offer you?’’ He said standing right in front of her.

Nike could swear she caught him briefly licking his lips. Was he trying to seduce her on her first visit to his house? Well, the young man might as well succeed as the chilled living room which was brightly lit did nothing to calm her nerves.

‘’Water will do.’’ She responded trying to avoid his gaze.

‘’Alright then. I’ll be back.’’ Deji uttered and walked away.