Banking Episode 46


‘What happened with the four hundred and five thousand naira that was wrongly posted into your account?” She said hesitantly, looking up to study how he reacts.

This was the last topic Peter had expected her to bring up. He took a fleeting glance away from her, then back to her. Nike could hear him sigh before he finally spoke,

“I was expecting a payment from one of our customers that very day. i guess i got it mixed up.”
He instantly knew his excuse didn’t sound convincing. He then believed he was starting to lose touch on how to answer unexpected questions. He was used to out of the blue questions, and he always find a perfect answer for each of them. Perhaps because his emotions was always absent when he was still very active in his former job.

The thought of Hargreaves McBride came to his mind. The McBrides were Americans and lived in the Empire State. Hargreaves was the eldest in the family of four; father and his two younger ones. He and his younger ones inherited a fair amount of money from their late Father. Hargreaves was in control of the fund, using it to carter for himself and his siblings.

Hargreaves had met Peter Brian online when he was about to sell some home appliances he wasn’t using anymore on Craiglist. They got talking and after a while Peter got to know how much he was worth. Peter cajoled him into investing in a non-existing oil business which would fetch Hargreaves 5 times his investment in just 3 months. Hargreaves was aware Nigeria was an oil producing state. He agreed to it.

Peter had provided him with some documents he had fraudulently obtained to make Hargreaves more committed to the cause. It worked. Hargreaves put some money together, he sold the inherited house and even sold his car in order to invest in Peter’s oil business. The more the investment the more the earnings, he thought.
Hargreaves warned Peter he was going to commit suicide the next day he discovered Peter was a fraud.

Peter didn’t care, he had received the cash through Western Union a week before. He took Peter by surprise after he got to know few days later that Hargreaves had actually hung himself. The news made it to CNN after the New York Police Department found a note Hargreaves had written,
stating the reason why he took the fan-rope decision.