Lethal Bride Episode 6


That was too easy”, she displayed a fake smile, and walked away leaving Easton to stare at the body for a while before telling his men to put the body in the trunk, they drove away and stopped at a bridge. The body was thrown over. They got back and met three police men standing in front of the club. She smiled removed her bad side then released her charm, she walked behind Easton taking each step with poise, calmness hovered around her. Easton walked with an air of great confidence and importance towards them.

“Gentlemen. What brings you here? You can come in and join the fun, isn’t outside a little boring for you?”

“Good evening sir”, one of the policemen greeted as the other two looked on. Easton shoved his hands into his pocket.

“My name is Easton Frederick, but please call me Easton”.

“And I am Crystal Noel, but you can call me Crystal” she giggled, her facial expression flirted with them. The faces of the policemen all wore a frown and their arms were crossed. Easton turned to her

“pretty one, look at their faces, they look scary, you have to leave so that you won’t have nightmares”. She nodded and moved steps closer to the policemen, used her index finger to touch the lips of the one that looked like the boss, walked slowly round him, then blew him a kiss, Easton smiled, she looked at him

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“I need to take my noble presence out of this choking place, I can’t breathe”, and she walked away and got into the club.

“Now what do you want? Recently I got a visit from two of your kind in my home, now the three of you. Am I a possible suspect or what?” he looked a bit angry.

“No sir, we are just doing routine check, we have been inside to check for usual behavior and suspicious movement. After those deaths, we were told to hang around the scene. So you see we are not here for trouble. Just don’t get in the way, if you do, your night would be ruined”. Easton raised his hand in surrender.

“Okay Mr. Police, I am going in, away from you to where I can have fun”. He snapped his fingers, his men left where they stood and followed him, each trying to conceal the bulge of their guns in their pockets. He got in front of the door to her dressing room, pinned his ears to the door but heard no sound, he turned the knob and pushed it gently, he met her yawning, she was tapping her feet in a funny rhythm, her body slouched on the chair, she didn’t look at him.

“What did they want this time? With faces as stiff as rocks”, he pulled a chair and sat beside her.

“Same old story, the guys that were killed here.”

“Oh, can’t they just give it a break, they can’t possibly get that we were the ones who did it”, he smiled with the corner of his lips.

“You mean, they can’t possibly get that you were the one who did it”, she glanced at him and tightened her lips,

“what do you mean by that, we did it together”, he shook his head

“no there was no we, I wasn’t the executioner, I gave the order, which you violated and you had to kill another person”, she sat up properly

“what are you saying Easton”, he laughed

“you know I’m joking, I didn’t mean it. Of course we are in this together”, she frowned

“that didn’t sound like a joke to me, you scared me for a minute”. He cupped her chin with his hand and looked deep into her eyes down to her soul

“you have been with me for eight years, have I displayed any behavior that made you not to trust me?”, she shook her head, “I have your back Crystal, would be there for you anytime, I have grown fond of you, I can’t discard you away my angel”, she smiled a little

“thank you”,


“taking me into your home and making me part of it”. He got up, smoothened his shirt,

“let me get back to where the fun is, by the way your performance today was beautiful always a touch of uniqueness to what you do”,

“thank you”. She picked up her gun which was lying on the table, she admired it, little but can bring down a strong person with just a bullet, she swirled it around her fingers a little. She loved what she does, always ready for the next opportunity to showcase her strength.

She adjusted her make up properly, took one last glance at herself in the mirror before going to relax a bit, she looked tense and she needed to ease that. As she stepped into where everyone was her presence was noticed immediately, she got few waves, most of them gave her approving smiles and watched her every move, as soon as she got to where the bar was, a drink was already waiting for her, a stool was pulled out for her, as she sat her feet left the floor,

“thank you”, she said with sincere gratitude and sipped from her glass. As she dropped the glass down, a hand came over hers’, she lifted her eyes and was caught in his gaze for some seconds before shaking herself back to reality.

“You have so much boldness to touch me, please take your hands off!” he withdrew his hand

“I’m sorry, can I sit by your side”,

“yes you can, but don’t talk to me”, he sat down and ordered a drink, she kept sipping from her glass and avoided looking at him. He didn’t bug her for few minutes. He tapped her on her arm again, she sharply to meet his gaze, she looked as if fire would spue out of them at any minute. He ignored it, and went ahead to use sign language to communicate with her, she looked at him puzzled,

“what the hell are you doing. Are you drunk”, he laughed

“you said I shouldn’t talk to you, and I can’t resist communicating with you”, she frowned; she knew where this was leading, and didn’t want a repeat of what happened to her ex boyfriend. She fell hard for him, but he wasn’t faithful, he kept cheating. One day she picked up a gun and shot him, then made it look like a suicide. Since then she avoided falling in love.