Banking Episode 23


The Nigerian banks regulatory body, CBN, mandated all banks to ensure all their customers register for BVN. During the registration many provided wrong information which later hinder the operation of their accounts. Deji, as a branch manager, was managing the aggravated customers whose voices were all over the banking hall.

As overwhelming as Deji was he could not help but notice a figure that just stepped into the premises. He looked up to confirm the face that hosted the gorgeous figure. The result startled him. It was Nike Akomolede.

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He was professional enough not to give the customers any signs his attention was now divided. Though many thoughts ran through his mind, he had to keep himself under control to enable him manage the irate customers who couldn’t withdraw from their accounts due to the restriction placed on them as a result of BVN.

Nike conversed with the doorman, before she approached the stairs which led to the marketing unit.

Deji wasn’t the type that get his attention divided when attending to customers, but at that moment he couldn’t contain what was running through his mind.

He quickly signalled one of his assistant, Uju, to come to his rescue. Uju knew the act was unusual of his boss, she was going to ask him about it later.