Banking Episode 24


At 5pm the customers were all out of the hall. Their complaints seemed impossible to be contained, but somehow they were. Uju buzzed Deji up on Lync, a messaging application used in various organisations.

‘’How far boss?’’

‘’Kul. Thanks for the save.”

‘’Anytime. But can I ask u sth?’’

‘’I know what it is already.’’


‘’Yea. You want to know why I asked you to manage those customers.’”

‘’Well I’m curious. I know its very unusual of you.’’

‘’I’ll gist u about it later. Let’s finish up and get d hell of out of here.’’

‘’Noted boss.’’

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Uju, 27, a single young bank staff who hails from the eastern part of the country has always had feelings for her immediate supervisor— Deji. She almost concluded Deji was gay, until he gave her hints that invalidated her supposition.

She couldn’t comprehend how a lady’s man like him would be single. Uju knew despite Deji’s mother referring to Theresa as his fiancée, the young man was still single.

Theresa was a beautiful lady, from a wealthy home. No doubt. Despite being a daughter of one of the richest man around, Theresa’s modesty was out of this world. A kind of lady any man would kill to have. Perhaps Deji wasn’t just any man. He had a lot advances from female customers which he had always turned down. Uju wondered what kind of woman his boss desires. She believed one day, she would find out.

Uju wasn’t done with her thoughts. She thought about how she had given signals to Deji to show how crazy she was about him. Probably he was interested too, but was avoiding going against the ‘’no-staff-to-staff-dating’’ rule of the bank. Well for Uju the risk was worth taking. She was ready to tender her resignation letter to marry her boss. After all his monthly credit alert figures were more than hers.

A tap on the desk by Amanda brought Uju back to reality. ‘’Are the accounts okay?’’ Amanda asked as the branch accounts has to balance before they can all leave the bank premises.

‘’Yes dear,’’ Uju confirmed and went on, ‘’sorry about the 405. You just have to be more careful you know.’’

‘’Thanks jare. I will.’’

Like many other organisations that dealt in cash, Royal bank’s policy ensures that any staff that causes the bank to lose any fund due to his/her negligence shall pay for it.