Lethal Bride Episode 7


She got up and tried to leave, he held her hand and drew her close to himself, a stinging slap landed across his face, she was upset and irritated. The slap didn’t stop him; he got up and cupped her chin with his hand,

“push me all you want, slap me, or treat me like a dog, I would not let go until you sit down and listen to what I have to tell you”. She pushed his hand off.

“How dare you talk to me in such a manner, how dare you order me, do you know who I am?” She was already pissed. He ignored her hardened face, swept her off her feet and did a 360 with her, she screamed. Then he made her stand on her feet without any support from him, she was way too dizzy to stand on her own, she fell back into his arms, holding him tightly until she got her balance back.

She loosened her grip on him and sat down not taking her eyes off him, she marveled at his boldness. She turned round to see most people paying attention to the drama for the first time in a long time she felt embarrassed. She turned to look at him again; there was a smirk on his face.

“Wipe that smirk off your face or I would do it myself”, he still stood with victory written all over his face. She took her glass of wine, gulped it but didn’t swallow; she walked towards him and released the content from her mouth to his face. Immediately people murmured from every angle. He wiped his face with his palm and held her hand

“this wouldn’t stop me from saying what I want to say right in front of all these people. I would like us to hang out and have fun, just the two of us.

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Today was the only day I developed the boldness to come and meet you, do you know how many months it took me to talk to you. I am not backing out anytime soon, do what you want, I would always be in your face, until you give in”. She pulled her hand away from his grip, hissed and walked away. Some guys came and tapped him hard on his back

“that was some nerve bro, you killed it!” He smiled and sat down to sip his own glass of wine. She got into her dressing room to see Easton smiling, she ignored him, she knew he must have seen the drama that transpired between her and the strange guy.

“You acted like a child; the Crystal I know is someone strong, you just displayed weakness in front of everyone”. She sat down and simply said

“I want to be alone”. He shrugged his shoulders and got up.

“Don’t let that little thing cloud your thoughts”, she sat down and faced the mirror. “By the way, I have gotten a job for you”, her face lit up, finally something to keep her alert

“what job?”,

“a maid”, she got confused

“a maid!, are you pulling my legs?, what would I be doing as a maid?, you are joking right, tell me it’s a joke”, she searched his face for answers. He shoved one hand into his pocket and scratched his brow with the other.

“What can I say? But to say a mission without a vision is pointless and useless. So when I say I have a job for you there is a reason behind it and there is goal. Actually you would be like a housekeeper”. Her mouth hung open; her eyes bulged out

“a housekeeper!”

“Yes a housekeeper”, she got up

“Easton, I am way more than a housekeeper, don’t turn me into one.” He walked some steps closer to her and put his hands on her shoulder,

“believe me, its for a short time, I will give you instructions immediately you begin the job, its not a difficult task I promise, calm down and prepare”. She took his hands off and sat down.

As far as she was concerned she saw it as a punishment and a demeaning thing to do. She felt numb all over. She imagined herself doing the housekeeping job. This kind of thought had never crossed her mind, not even by error. She looked at Easton again with a solemn face

“when would I start?”,

“next month. So you have time to prepare yourself for the job. When you get into the house I would let you know what to look for, don’t worry my princess, everything would be fine”. She faced the mirror once more and stared at her reflection.

“I will do it”,

“now that’s my princess, I believe in you and I trust your acting skills. Let me let you be now”. He patted her back and left her still staring at the mirror.

The next morning seemed to have arrived fast. She wore a pink floral pajamas and fuzzy slippers. Her legs curled on the couch in her room as she sipped hot Chinese tea. She closed her eyes to absorb the tingling feeling she felt all over her body. Her thoughts still strayed to the housekeeping job.

She opened her eyes again and sipped the steaming tea, she quickly swallowed to allow the heat linger in her throat. Her head throbbed; she placed her palm on her forehead and sighed. She kept sipping hoping the headache would leave; she was in no mood for tablets.