Lethal Bride Episode 5


Her voice flowed out like a fountain and dropped on everyone without any exception. Her short black dress brought out her contoured curves; it showed how her legs were long and slender. Her dress was a deliberate seduction; even her feminine equals admired her body. Her hair moved along with the way she moved to the beat of music. The beat got faster, she moved faster with ease.

Her brown eye hit each stair down as she moved into where the people watched with awe. Everyone wanted to touch her hand, if anyone was successful, their face lit up with colors.

She moved closer and closer to her mission, and began to maintain eye contact with him in a way to make him feel that she would get him laid. She got to his front and did a little whine, dipped her fingers between her twin towers and pulled out the note. Placed it between her lips and bent a little as she placed on his lips, he received it gladly and tried to touch her butt, she hit his hand firmly leaving a sting and danced away towards her stage.

As she did a long drag of her voice, he opened the note and it read ‘see me by 12a:m at the bar’, he grinned and raised his eyes to look at the beautiful Crystal, she was flawless, her arms rose as she ended her song, she got a roar. He looked at his watched, it was 11:49, the remaining eleven minutes was taking forever, he kept on looking towards the bar, to get a glimpse of her but didn’t.

Sure enough as it stroked twelve, he looked towards the bar and saw her sipping from a glass. He stood up from where he sat and moved briskly towards her. He eventually reached his destination, pulled a stool and sat down.

“Hey princess”, she looked at him with the corner of her eye and ignored him. He was baffled, her countenance didn’t show any sign of interest in him. “Errmmm, you wanted me here, why do you look so irritated”, she turned to him, her face writhing in disgust.

“Take a good look at me. Do I in any way look like a lady that would want a pig like you to come close? Don’t you see me as a woman of class? I feel terribly insulted swine” her voice soft and not raised. He was dumbfounded; the shock left his mouth ajar. “Please close your mouth, you are emitting germs everywhere”. He was pissed but didn’t flare up,

“ so why the hell did you tell me to come over here, and dance the way you did in front of me, what was that for?, if you didn’t want to see me, why did you go through all the trouble? Or you just want to take delight in mocking me”, she smiled, something in her eyes felt threatening,

“I didn’t want to see you, I was just a mere messenger and a performer”,

“so who wanted to?” he looked behind him

“he wants to see you”. He followed her eyes and looked back to see Easton standing with his hands in his pocket. He went cold,

“hello Mathew, you owe me something, or would I say you stole from me. Did you think I wouldn’t find out? Well fortunately for me and unfortunately for you, I did”.

“I can explain”, his voice quivered

“Yes I know you can, that’s why I want us to go for a ride and you can have all the time to explain to me. If you try to play smart with me, I will kill you in front of all these people and nothing will happen to me, I am invincible. So get up”. Mathew stood, “do you want to come with us Crystal”,

“sure, I want to see the end of it”. Easton led the way, Mathew in the middle and Crystal followed behind. Deep down Mathew knew he was already a dead living man. He was pushed into the car, he saw a man who quickly tied his hands firmly and blindfolded him, he didn’t resist, he was dead anyway. Crystal joined them at the back, as Easton got in the front, his driver zoomed off.

They got to a place that looked like nowhere, his blindfold was taken off. The flashlight that Easton held in his hand hurt his eyes, it took a while for his eyes to adjust to his new environment. Two of Easton’s men stood beside the vehicle looking very stern. Easton made him kneel down, she stood behind Mathew.

“I am a very generous man, always ready to give, I don’t get angry easily, but if I do, it’s not palatable, I become a bad man. People don’t understand that it is situations like this that makes me bad. So now tell me the truth, did you steal from me?” Mathew stammered and nothing reasonable came out of his mouth, “Answer me”, Easton shouted in impatience.

“No I didn’t steal from you; I delivered the goods without taking any for myself. Why would I steal from you? I can’t.”

“No my friend, you are speaking lies, tell me the truth and you would be free, tell me a lie one more time and I would blow your brains out”. He got really frightened and shook, tears were already gathering in his eyes, he wasn’t ready to die.

“I just took little for myself, I swear I just took little, I didn’t mean to, but I was tempted, I couldn’t resist, please I have told you the truth, spare my life”. Easton smiled,

“now, that’s a good boy. You see the truth always sets one free, I forgive you”, Mathew got relieved and tried to stand up. “No, don’t stand, I have forgiven you but God hasn’t, he wants to give you his own judgment, I am just a mere man”,

“please don’t do this”, Mathew pleaded, “you gave me your word”, Easton looked at Crystal, she got his message and shot him in the head.