Lethal Bride Episode 4


She yawned and stretched as the first ray of sun touched her face. She sat up, felt a little itch on her left arm and scratched. She placed her palm on her head, she was having a slight headache, she stood up, her white lingerie showed her molded curves.

She got into the bathroom, drew out a little drawer and took out aspirin, she placed it on her tongue and swallowed, she reached for her purple cup, opened the tap and put the cup under. She gulped so much water. She always took special care of her face and didn’t fancy artificial products, she preferred it natural.

She took out her red bathrobe and got downstairs, she got to the kitchen,

“good morning ma’am”, their voices in Unison, she ignored them and opened the fridge, took out one little fresh tomato, a sliced cucumber and a bottle of honey. She put the tomato and cucumber into a blender and blended for few seconds, poured the liquid content into a small bowl, then poured a little honey into the content then stirred.

She beckoned on one of the maids then pointed to the mess she made, and ordered her to clean it up. She got back to her room, into her bathroom, and stood in front of the mirror as she smeared the content all over her face. She did this ritual everyday, it gave her face a smooth and glowing look, and usually left it on her face for fifteen minutes before rinsing it off.

She left the bathroom, went straight to her smart phone, with a tap of her index finger she slide it open then went straight to her music library and clicked on ‘grown woman’ by ‘Beyonce’ she swayed to the song, and moved accordingly to the beat. Suddenly the door opened, Easton peered in, his eyes seemed troubled, she stopped her song.

“What’s the problem?

“We have visitors”, she raised her eyebrow, “common, don’t be like that. What were you expecting? After the shit that went down at the club. Two dead bodies. I’m the owner, and you are the major singer there. They are just doing their job”. She frowned; she was in no mood for answering questions.

“Can I go like this?” she pointed to her face,

“of course”. She followed closely behind as he led the way. She had never been scared of the police, she just felt Easton was good at cleaning a mess and erasing traces. They met the police men talking in low tones; at their sight they stopped talking.

“Gentlemen, this is Crystal”, she got closer and shook hands with them. One of the men looked closely at her face.

“What’s wrong with your face ma’am?” she touched her face slightly,

“oh, it’s just a treatment for my face”, she cleared her throat a bit and sat down, crossed her legs. Easton sat beside her, his eyes fixed on the men and ready to answer their questions the best way he could.

“Mr. Easton, ‘Darkside club’ is yours. This is the second time we are finding dead bodies, one in the club; the other body was close to the club”. She let out a shocked gasp, her hands to her mouth.

“Oh my God”, Easton looked at her, his eyes smiled, and then he turned to look at the men,

“I am not aware of this. It’s a club you know, all kinds of people come to the club, but we would do our best to cooperate with you guys to get to the root of this issue”, they kept asking questions, Easton answered them with experience, Crystal paid little attention with what was been said, she kept looking and admiring her nails. Finally they left.

“I thought they would never leave, they just wanted to spoil my beautiful morning, everybody dies, what’s so disturbing about the death of the guys, it was time”, she sighed,

“lets allow them do their job, while we do ours’. I will use my influence to kill the issue”, she smiled

“you always do that, I’m not scared”. She went back to her room, got into the bathroom and washed her face, toweled it and got down to the kitchen. Her breakfast was ready and laid on the kitchen table, she sat down and took a bite and chewed, she frowned and spat out the food back into the plate, she gulped water and wiped her mouth with a napkin.

“Who made this horrible food”, her voice raised, it sent shivers down their spines, a timid came to her front, head bowed, her hands locked together behind her, her feet aligned,

“I cooked it ma’am”, Crystal glared at her,

“this food is too spicy, and has no taste, take it off my table and make me another food because if I loose my patience you won’t find it funny”,

“yes ma’am”. She stomped out of the kitchen, grumbled her way up to her room, opened her door roughly and banged it shut, everything just annoyed her, her annoyance started from when the police came for questioning.

She laid back on her bed and tried to calm herself, she closed her eyes and inhaled deeply and exhaled. She felt relaxed. She opened her eyes to see Easton standing by her bed,

“what’s the matter?” She sat up,

“I didn’t get what I wanted to eat”,

“don’t worry, something is being prepared now. By the way I need you to pass a message to someone for me this night, and that would be during your performance “, she smiled, she enjoyed her job.

“Torture or shoot to kill?”

“None of that”, he handed her a small note, “I will show you who the note is for, just dance towards him and shove it into his pocket”. She seemed disappointed but took the note from him and read it. She raised her eyes to look at him

“really, why cant you just tell him yourself, the drama is unnecessary”, he smiled,

“I know, I just love to see you perform, you are good”.