Lethal Bride Episode 27


Crystal froze where she stood. “Was this a coincidence or a deliberate effort? She wondered. Easton composed himself and talked calmly.

“she was about to sleep, before you came”. Brian looked apologetic for coming at that time, he apologized and left. Immediately he left, Crystal threw the roses into a trash can,

“I don’t want anything from him, he is up to something bad”.

“go and rest, everything would be fine. He might just be the friendly type and wants to be close to us. I’m sure he doesn’t have an idea that we had a hand in his brother’s death. Relax”. She sighed and got under the sheets, soon she was fast asleep. He watched her sleep. He loved the sight of her sleeping so cute and peaceful; she looked like a baby curled in fetal position. Her skin was flawless.

“She has been right in front of me this whole time but I couldn’t see I chased other girls” he thought. Easton sat down on the couch next to the bed and continued watching her. He didn’t get tired of the sight of her sleeping. He didn’t care doing that for hours but the call of nature defeated him. He tried to force his eyes open but they showed their strength and closed.

Few minutes later his eyes flicked open, his eyes rested on her again, she was still sleeping, but this time her back faced him, he got up and went round to see her face, he looked at her lips, small and it suit her oval face

“god! You are so beautiful” he whispered, he tried to touch her face but he stopped scared she would wake up. He sat down and kept looking at her. For some time Easton knew he had developed not just mere feelings but love for Crystal. Despite the tons of beautiful and attractive ladies that flung themselves at him, he knew Crystal was the one. She had a unique aura around her; she was simply different from other girls. Maybe he was just scared to tell her how he felt because she already saw him as a brother.

He ran his fingers through his hair and sighed. He had never felt this way for a lady the way he felt for Crystal. He had tried to bottle up his feelings for a long time but this time he knew he was going to burst if he didn’t let her know. He shut his eyes trying to picture two of them together.

“what’s the matter Easton”, his eyes open to see Crystal looking at him.


“no there is something you look bothered. Is it Brian?”


“then what?”

“I’m fine Crystal”

“ok, if you say so”. She yawned and stretched, “did you sleep at all”

“yea I did, but not for too long”. He got up and got into the bathroom. She knew something was bothering him and wondered why he didn’t want to let her know. She was worried and hoped he was fine.

They spent most of the days together, sometimes just walking round the hotel and talking, at the restaurant, in their suite watching movies eating popcorn and diet coke, he took her to different malls. Easton made sure she had a good time; he loved seeing her smile and laugh. Crystal obviously enjoyed the treat, a different feeling, different environment.

She opened her eyes and inhaled, the air seemed different, she could feel it “today is Christmas”, she whispered. She stretched and her right hand hit something on the bed, she turned to see what it was. She saw a basket filled with red and white roses arranged nicely with green leaves. A little note laid next to it. She took it up and read

“ Merry Christmas My Princess”. She smiled and placed the basket of roses on her lap and inhaled, they smelt really nice. She tried getting down from the bed and her leg hit two wrapped boxes. She got curious and dropped the basket of roses on the bed, then took the boxes up. They both had her name on them. She got excited and tore the wrapper of the first box then opened the box. Her eyes met a beautiful silver sandal heeled shoe. She gasped, it looked so beautiful.

She moved to the second box, tore the wrapper and opened the box. In the box laid a beautiful black glittering dress, she took it to see the length and the exact shape. It was a short gown that was going to show case her hour glass shape. She smiled, she loved her Christmas presents. She dropped them to look for Easton. She found him in the kitchen holding a little red box in his hand.

“Merry Christmas Easton”

“merry Christmas Crystal. Take this box and open it”. She took it from him and opened it. In the box she found a diamond s–d earrings. She smiled and couldn’t help but give Easton a hug.

“thank you so much Easton. I love everything you have given me”. He returned the hug and secretly inhaled her skin, it smelt fresh.

“wear it tonight, there would be a Christmas dinner at the hotel tonight for couples”.

“okay. I’m sorry I couldn’t get you any Christmas present, I didn’t even think of it”

“as long as you are happy, I am happy”.

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It was time for the Christmas dinner. Crystal got dressed in the bathroom, Easton dressed in the room. She came out looking sleek and beautiful. Her hair packed into a high bun.

“you are so beautiful”

“thanks”. A knock at the door interrupted them. Easton got to the door

“who is it?”

“its Brian”. Easton opened the door. Brian stood with a beautiful lady beside him. “I came to ask if you guys were going to the Christmas dinner for couples, so we could all share a table, it would be fun”. Easton seemed to be in thought for a while.

“alright”, he agreed. He got into the room and told Crystal about it, she protested a little but agreed to it. He held her hand as they walked out of the suite.

“Merry Christmas Brian”

“merry Christmas Crystal, this is Melinda, we met yesterday”

“merry Christmas Melinda” Crystal tried to be polite

“merry Christmas Crystal”, the lady’s voice sounded babyish.

They all walked together to where the venue was. They got into a very big hall, beautifully decorated with Christmas colors and lights. Huge Christmas trees stood at strategic positions in the hall. Every table had two wine bottles and plates of cakes and food.

There was soft music playing and everyone was looking for the best place to sit down. The four of them found a place to sit. The rest of the evening was a beautiful one, different singers came to perform. Then the time came for couples dance. Brian and his date shot from their seats to the dance floor. Crystal hesitated.

“we are not a couple”

“fine I agree. Lets just dance okay”. He persuaded her, she agreed and they got to the dance floor arm in arm. His arms went slowly round her waist as she placed her hands on his shoulders. They moved slowly to the beat of the music played. Easton loved the feel of her body next to his, he wished it would last forever. He cherished this moment.

Soon the dinner was over, Easton and Crystal bid goodnight to Brian and Melinda. As soon as they got into their suite, Easton held her hand and drew her close to him. She was amused, he never did that before.

“are you okay?” she asked

“no I’m not”

“I knew there was something wrong, what is it?”

“I have fallen in love”. Warning bells started ringing in her head, she knew it was her he had fallen in love with.

“what are you saying Easton”.

“I have kept this for too long, I can’t keep it anymore, I tried staying away from it”. She freed herself from his hold and took few steps backwards.

“this doesn’t seem right”. Easton got closer to her and cupped her face with his right hand as he used the other hand to pull her closer.

“I’m not going to push my feelings aside because you think it doesn’t seem right”. She tried protesting but he used his lips to shut her up. As soon as his lips met with her lips all her walls were broken, the strength she had weakened, she found herself returning his kiss. Suddenly she pulled away and pushed it.

“Easton stop, I can’t do this”

“Crystal you have been with me for eight years, what are you scared of?”. She ignored him and got into the bathroom. He clenched his teeth and punched the wall. “I shouldn’t have kissed her”, he thought. Crystal came out of the bathroom already dressed for sleep.

Awkwardness filled the room. He watched as she slipped under the sheets and closed her eyes. He wanted to go to her and express himself but stopped because he didn’t want things to get complicated between them. He waited for her to fall asleep then slipped next to her. This time he wasn’t going to lie on the couch. The feeling of lying next to her was divine. He wished he could wrap his hands around her as she slept, whished she would lay her head on his chest. He slept still thinking about her.

She woke up to see Easton sleeping beside her. She watched him sleep for few minutes before sitting up. She wished Easton never kissed her, now everything was going to be odd between them. In a way she was also attracted to him but dumped the idea of ever been with him.

“what would his father think”, she wondered. She was soaked in her thoughts and didn’t notice Easton wake up.

“Crystal just allow us to be”. She looked at him,

“for how long have you kept this Easton”

“for a long time”. She shook her head

“it won’t work out Easton”.

Christmas holiday was over. Easton wanted to stay for the New Year celebration but Crystal refused, she wanted to go home.

“Maybe everything would go back to normal”, she thought. Soon they were on a flight back to Connecticut. Not a word was said between them until they reached their destination.