Lethal Bride Episode 26


“Enjoy your stay”, the escort bowed a little and left. Crystal sat on the bed and felt the sheet, it was silky. Then a thought hit her.

“Easton where would you be sleeping?”

“on the bed you are sitting on” he replied

“where would I be sleeping?

“on that same bed”, her eyes widened a little

“there is no way that would happen”

“then what option do you have”

“why didn’t you book another room for me”

“actually I thought about that, but it didn’t make sense to me, this place is too big for one person”

“in that case I will sleep on the bed and you would make yourself comfortable on the couch”, she had a mischievous smile on

“why in heavens name would you want to sleep alone on this large bed”

“if it worries you then I don’t mind the couch”

“don’t worry I would use the couch”. She had a triumphant smile on. She knew Easton would want to please her. She watched him as he whistled and arranged his things in the closet. He seemed relaxed and happy. She remembered what he said at the reception.

“why did you say Mr. and Mrs. Easton?, we are not married neither dating, we don’t even have any form of chemistry between us, nothing romantic between us no spark at all, I’m more like a sister to you, you are my boss and I work for you”.

“I just thought it was the proper thing to do and I wanted to look responsible. Anyway that’s not important, get yourself together and settle in. The day is still young; I would like us to check out the restaurant”.

“alright”, she said as she started arranging her things into the closet too. In no time they had placed everything into their right positions and were ready to see the restaurant. She loved being away from what she was used to, but the thought of she and Easton staying together bothered her a little, it felt a bit out of place.

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They got down to the restaurant and were wowed by what they saw. Everything down to the sitting arrangement was different from what they were used to. Easton spotted a table that seemed secluded and pulled her towards it. He behaved like the perfect gentle man and pulled out her chair for her. She thanked him and sat down. She looked at him and noticed something different about him. He seemed at peace and happy but there was something more than that but she couldn’t place her finger on.

A polite and smiling waiter came and took their order. The enzymes in her stomach became active; she remembered that what she ate on the plane satisfied only one percent out of the hundred percent of hunger she felt. She placed her left palm on her stomach and shut her eyes.

“what is it?’ he sounded really worried,

“I’m hungry”. He laughed,

“once you are hungry everything stops making sense to you. Don’t worry the food would soon be here”. She smiled and nodded. The waiter came with everything they requested neatly arranged on a large tray and served them with a touch of expertise.

“have a beautiful day”, the waiter bowed a little and left. Crystal smiled and looked at Easton,

“I love being treated like royalty”.

“that’s who are”, he placed his right palm on her hand that rested on the table, “my beautiful princess”. She looked at his hand on her hand and pulled away gently and felt somewhat uneasy by the way he touched her. An awkward silence lasted between them until Crystal caught sight of a familiar figure that walked in with the corner of her eye. She turned to get a better view and spotted Brian, she frowned a little then drew the attention of Easton to who she saw.

“what does he want here?, looks like he’s stalking us”, she sounded curious

“calm down, it might just be a coincidence”, immediately Easton finished his statement, Brian turned and saw them, he smiled and waved, he seemed happy to see them. He got up and moved towards them. Crystal felt uneasy and almost got up from her seat.

“Easton why is he coming towards us?”

“relax, he means no harm”. Brian got to where they were and stretched his hand quickly towards Easton. Easton shook his hand firmly, then Brian turned to Crystal, held her right hand and kissed it.

“A beautiful evening to you my lady”,

“good evening Brian it’s good to see you again. What brings you here?”.

“everyone knows that New York is place for the Christmas holidays, everywhere bustling with the spirit of Christmas. Beautiful lights on the streets. Gifts under Christmas trees, the colors and the love that feels the air”. He inhaled and exhaled loudly “beautiful city. Anyway let me be on my way and leave you two”. He shoved his hands into his pockets, smiled and left. Crystal let out a sigh of relief

“mehnn! I thought he was going to stay longer; he freaks me out anytime I see him. When I see him I see Bruce”.

“get used to it, you can’t change anything. Just enjoy your meal and relax, it’s Christmas”. She took his advise and resumed eating her meal, nothing was going to ruin the luxury she was experiencing, not Bruce, not Brian, and not even herself.

She and Easton talked on and on about so many things. It felt different because they weren’t talking about killing a target, stealing or arranging a business with someone. After a long while she felt sleepy and rubbed her eyes, she covered her mouth as she yawned.

“its about time you take a shower and rest”, Easton said, he got up and took her hand. She didn’t like the way he held her, she pulled her hand away,

“Can’t I hold my wife’s hand again?”

“I can’t be your wife Easton”

“meaning you can’t be with someone like me” he smiled revealing his white teeth. She frowned and glared at him a little,

“Easton are you sure you are okay. Right now I have a slight headache, I need to sleep”. She got up and walked towards their suite, he followed her.

Easton paid close attention to the way she walked, the way she took her steps with poise, he watched her arms as they moved while she walked. Looking at her from behind he discovered she had a perfectly shaped hour glass body. He shut his eyes and increased his pace to walk beside her, walking behind her was going to make him imagine things.

As soon as they got to the suite, Crystal got to the bathroom, took off her clothes and had a quick warm shower. After the shower she remembered that she didn’t take the clothes she would change into. She got pissed, what was she going to do? She contemplated calling him and telling him to help her with her clothes.

She toweled herself and prayed that he would leave the room. He didn’t, she heard him humming to a Christmas song that was playing. She decided she was going to call him.

“Easton”, she called out


“I need my shorts and a shirt, help me bring them please”

“alright”. He got to the closet and searched for what she asked for. He found it and got to the bathroom door and knocked. She opened the door slightly and snatched the clothes from him. Easton smiled and shook his head. He had never seen her feel uncomfortable. He got back to the couch and sat down. Crystal came out from the bathroom dressed in her black shorts and white shirt and holding the clothes she removed in her arms. She frowned when she saw a smirk playing on his face.

“wipe that smirk from your face Easton, this is not funny”

“it is my dear, I have never seen where a wife is ashamed to dress in front of her man”. She ignored him and folded the clothes in her hands then laid down on the bed. Two quick knocks on the door made Crystal groan. Easton got to the door,

“who’s there?”

“its Brian”


“yea”. Easton got a bit suspicious and frowned. Crystal got up from the bed when she heard Brian.

“what does he want Easton”, she whispered with her arms folded.

“I don’t know”, he whispered too. Easton courageously open the door and saw Brian holding a banquet of red roses in his right hand.

“good evening Mr. Easton”

“evening Brian”

“red roses for the lady” he stepped forward and gave the roses to the already nervous Crystal.

“thank you”, she said with almost a whisper.

“you are welcome”

“how did you know the exact door to knock Brian” Easton asked with a suspicious tone.

“errr, well I just discovered your suite is next to mine”