Lethal Bride Episode 25


Christmas was four days away. It was always one of the best seasons in the year. The air had some sort of a special fragrance; most things had a different look and feel during the festive season. A season loved by many. Christmas trees had already been decorated in most houses. The streets were not left out. Christmas lights were already hung in front of houses, stores and mall. Everywhere had a touch of Christmas. Christmas movies and songs were shown on TV, radio stations also played Christmas songs. Easton’s home wasn’t left out.

A huge white Christmas tree stood in the living room; it was decorated with all the Christmas colors and Christmas lights. At the peak of the tree was a big gold star. It was a beautiful tree to behold. The weather was a beautiful one,

Crystal stayed in bed curled under her blanket, Mistletoe by Justin Bieber oozed from her phone, she nodded her head to the rhythm as she sang along. All she wanted for Christmas was to stay indoors dressed in her pink pajamas and fluffy slipper, eat and watch movies. The knock on her door distracted her, she frowned, she didn’t want any form of disturbance.

“who is it?”, she asked

“It’s me, can I come in?” there was some excitement in his tone, she wondered what it was.

“yea, come in”. He was dressed casually, his hair wasn’t combed.

“Good morning Crystal”

“good morning Easton”. He sat by the edge of the bed and smiled a little. She sat up and studied him. “are you alright ?” she asked,

“yes I am, what would you like for Christmas”

“you know that already Easton, I want to be indoors, I don’t need gifts or any special treat”, he shook his head,

“I disagree. We are going to Manhattan, New York together, not just that I have booked a reservation in Trump International Hotel and Tower”. Her eyes widened, she became excited. She had heard many stories about it but never experienced it.

“really?” she said with smiling

“yes, so change that indoor mentality. We are flying tomorrow, flight is for nine, I have done the booking. It would be one of your best Christmas. I will give the maids their holiday too, they are leaving this evening. I just came to let you know”. He got up and shoved his hand into his pocket “beautiful day to you Crystal”,

“you too”. He turned to go, “Easton”, he turned to look at her


“thank you” she said,

“you’re welcome”.

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She spent the rest of the day daydreaming about the Christmas holiday and the kind of luxury she would experience. Her stomach churned in excitement like a little girl. In the evening packed for the trip. Like Easton said, this Christmas was going to be one of the best she had ever had. She couldn’t wait for the next day to arrive. The day seemed to be crawling.

She got into bed at about 10pm, in anticipation that when she opened her eyes again it would be broad day light, but unfortunately she woke up and everywhere was still dark, she checked the time, it was 2:00am. She sighed and went back to bed, but every trace of sleep had disappeared from her eyes. She tossed and turned on the bed, she tried shutting her eyes, but they flicked open again. She took a book and started reading, it worked all the time. Before she finished the first page, she was already sleepy. She slept off with the book on her chest. Her dreams were about New York, she loved that city.

At 7am, Easton paced downstairs wondering what delayed Crystal. He looked at his watch several times. He couldn’t wait any longer, he raced and pushed her door open and to his amazement she was sleeping peacefully.

“how beautiful”, he said to himself. He watched her sleep, he noticed her eyes were completely shut, her lips small and inviting. Right there he felt like prince Charming and she was his sleeping beauty. He admired how she slept like a baby. He did that for few minutes before tapping her arm.

”wake up Crystal”. She groaned and opened her eyes,

“what is it Easton, isn’t it a little too early to wake up”. He smiled,

“yea I know, but today we are going to New York, and the flight is for nine”. Her hands went straight to her mouth as she mouthed

“oh my god”. She sprang up from bed and rushed to the bathroom. “Give me thirty minutes and I will be down”. He left her room and went down to wait for her.

In forty minutes she came down dragging her baggage behind her. He helped her with it to the car. In fifteen minutes they arrived at Bradley International Airport, they did all the processes and got into the aircraft at exactly 9am. The flight attendants made sure everyone was seated and comfortable. The pre-flight safety demonstration started.

Crystal watched the flight attendant demonstrate and wondered if she wasn’t tired of doing the same thing over and over again.

“All these demonstrations are not needed; most people on this plane are already familiar with everything. Anyway it’s none of my business, it’s a routine safety measure for all air-crafts”, she thought.

She relaxed more on her seat as she waited for the flight attendants to serve the light refreshments, she was hungry. In forty minutes the plane landed in New York City. She wasn’t excited because she hadn’t been in New York before, she had visited it several times, what made her excited was the fact that this time she was going to be in absolute Luxury.

They took a cab and headed straight to Trump International Hotel and Tower. As she came out of the cab she was wowed by the magnificent building that stood with pure elegance. Easton and Crystal were helped with their baggage into the hotel, they got to the reception and met a beautiful young lady who loved showing off her beautiful set of teeth.

“how may I help you please”, the lady asked

“I have a reservation in the Executive City View Suite”

“and you are………?”

“Mr. and Mrs. Easton”. At the mention of that Crystal frowned and looked at him. He squeezed her hand a little to stop her from protesting. The lady searched through the reservations and saw his reservation.

“I see it”, she handed him a card with the number of the suite on it. “Your things would be brought to you and an escort would lead you to your suite. Enjoy your stay Mr. and Mrs. Easton and a Merry Christmas to you in advance”

“thank you” As they were being led to the executive suite, Crystal looked and saw an imperious chandelier hung in the marble lobby.

They finally got to the door, Crystal anticipated the beauty that would meet her eyes and sure enough she wasn’t disappointed. It was a spacious suite. It had a luxurious king sized bed, 55 inch flat panel HDTV with Blu- ray player and iPod docking station. She got to the closet and opened it, it was large.

The suite had a living room, dining room table and chairs with a hand crafted schonbek crystals, chandelier, and a full European style kitchen with appliances by sub-zero.

Crystal noticed that the Floor to ceiling windows displayed spectacular views of the city. She smiled deeply

“this is beautiful” she whispered to herself as she took a tour round. Easton turned to the escort

“thank you very much”

“you are welcome sir, but before I leave let me tell you about Trump”

“ok, go on” Easton urged him

“we have an impeccable star studded Jean Georges Restaurant at the base, our hotel guests enjoy full access to our five star health club and spa, as well as our personal attached service exclusive to trump. It’s everything you could need from a boutique hotel in Manhattan. You have come to the right place and we are at your service”

“thank you”