Banking Episode 36


It was a small room with two doors. They stood in space with a half sized mirror and a hand washing sink. There was enough space for them in there.
Once the door opened and he saw it was Nike, he rushed to the door and shut it. Then he turned around and looked at her,

‘’I want you right now.’’

She didn’t say a word. He didn’t need her to before pulling her closer and began to kiss her again.
They were breaking the rule and they both knew it.

It was a deep wet kiss that took her straight into space. She responded like it was her last kiss on planet earth. Deji untucked her white camisole, slid his right hand into it and reached for her breasts. Her bra didn’t allow him feel her two soft fleshy milk-secreting glandular organs in full. He had to push it up to make that happen. She knew where this was heading but she made no effort to end it.

It was Nike’s turn to join the party as she reached for his belt, pulled down his trousers and boxers and began to rub fiercely on his already free hardened gala. She was a mavin in the act.
Shortly he reached for her black mini skirt and look straight into her eyes thoughtfully as if to ask for permission. They stared at each other for a moment before Nike finally closed her eyes. That was exactly the response Deji needed in that particular mood. He unzipped the skirt and pulled it down.

She placed her two hands on the sink, and somehow the water stared running. They didn’t care, they were the only ones in the office. Well, they should have, because the running of the water did not allow them hear the footsteps of Doyin who forgot her package in her locker and came back for it.

Doyin picked up the package and was about to leave before she realized a strange sound. She inferred it was the sound of the water running and she headed to the unlocked Ladies.

Deji stumbled on his bed. He realized he had been in His similar situation few weeks ago, but this was worse. Doyin saw them and the look on her face, he could tell, was trouble. She even made the matter worse when she gave neither of the rule breakers a chance to say a word before she zoomed off.

What would he have said? That it was a mistake? That it was the devil’s work like many Africans do after getting caught in a foolish act? Or maybe he was seduced?

He really had nothing to say at that moment, but even he did, the sight of Doyin made him lost his voice. A flash of a certain image on the TV screen brought him back to reality. The face was a familiar one. A royal one. Sitting up from the bed to have a closer look at the TV. The news headline shocked him. It was boldly written just at the bottom of the screen,