Banking Episode 35


Like the ’good night’ in Deji’s last sentence was as useless as the ‘p’ in pneumonia, he stopped walking just when he was just 3 feet away from her desk, turned back and said

‘’I might not be in the position to tell you this but you just need to hear it.’’ He paused looking like he was thinking of the most polite way to express himself, while Nike’s gaze was fixed on him. He went on, ‘’dating Peter Brian is a bad idea for you.’’

‘’You have to be kidding. Deji Adelowo is giving me a relationship advice.’’ she responded with and utterly nonchalant facial expression. And just like that, her breathing gained normalcy.

‘’I’m serious. You should….’’ Deji tried to make a statement but she cut him short.

‘You can’t be. You are in no position to advise me on who I am to date or not.’’ She argued with her voice raised.

Deji’s face look like he already chucked up the sponge just few minutes after starting the conversation.

‘’I should’ve known you would not even listen to me. Of course, you two will make a great team as you’re both liars.’’ He uttered disgustingly.

The comment hit her to the marrow that she stood to her feet hastily and in a swift movement landed a slap on the branch manager’s chick before he could make an attempt to stop it.

Furiously, he raised his hand in an attempt to hit her back, but something strange occurred. He obviously employed Aremu to drive his car. Fine. Whom or whatever was driving his act that moment must have been employed behind his back.

His hand that was on a slap mission turned out to be caressing Nike’s cheek making her breathing status to return back to the state it was some minutes back.

His second hand found a way to her other cheek. Nike just stood there like a statute doing absolute nothing to stop him. He moved closer and slowly covered her lips with his. Her response was like a shot.

Deji could bet his next comment didn’t come out from his mouth, ‘’come with me,’’ he instructed. Releasing his hands and breaking the kiss, he headed to the door adjacent to the marketers’ office.

Like he used an Oduduwa charm, she tried to fight it but her second position welcomed her again. She followed him to the door which had a bold inscription on it LADIES.