Banking Episode 37


IFE, 1988

‘’The next ruling house is the Ogborus and we expect them to provide the king by fortnight,’’ Akanbi, the leader of the Afobaje House declared.

The Afobaje House was responsible for determining which one of the four Ruling Houses was to provide the next king to fill the stool once an Ooni is deceased. Akanbi was the leader of the Afobaje, so his influence as a kingmaker couldn’t to be over-emphasized.

His position required integrity and respect for the gods, the land, and the commune of Ife-Ooye as well.

Akanbi possessed these attributes, hence the reason why the people believed in his decisions.
His close relationship with Ademuluyi Giesi, a crown hungry fellow, didn’t dissuade him from declaring the Ogboru House as the next ruling house, while the Adekanbi House would rule after them. Little did he know that his friend had other plans.

The fire incident at the Ogboru’s family house changed the face of things. The eligibles (as those who were worthy of being chosen as the king were fondly called in Ife) of the Ogboru Ruling House had gathered at their family house expecting Ifarotimi before a fire outbreak.

Ifarotimi was the oracle consultant, a duty he inherited from his late father. His services were only needed when important decisions were to be taken. Nothing was more important in this city than deciding the next 401st spirit (Ooni of Ife).
When two or more eligibles of the Ruling House declared their intentions to rule, the revelation of the gods through the oracle consultant was the determinant factor on who to seat on the throne.
The fire incident left the city in a mourning state for few days before Akanbi declared the Adekanbi’s as the next ruling house.

Having been the architect of the mysterious fire incident at the Ogborus, the Afobaje’s declaration couldn’t have come at a better time for Ademuluyi. But there was only one problem—Obamakin. Ademuluyi had successfully persuaded the other eligibles to step down for him. Being the richest man in the Adekanbi’s clan, it wasn’t impossible for him to achieve.

Obamakin wasn’t intimidated by his wealth, he was ready for Ifarotimi revelation to decide who the next king was. Ademuluyi wouldn’t take the risk. Another fire incident would raise suspicion, so he cooked up another plan. His thugs already took out the entire Ogboru’s eligibles, Obamakin wouldn’t be a problem.

Having helped his heavily pregnant wife, Ajike, escaped through the back door, Obamakin bravely fought the Ademuluyi’s men. He was outnumbered and couldn’t over power them. After taking him out, these thugs went after his wife.

They couldn’t catch up with her, but they knew better than to tell Ademuluyi that. Ademuluyi had believed his thugs when they told him they buried the wife in the forest. He didn’t care much about her since his real rival had been confirmed dead. Now nothing could stop him from seating on the throne. He was almost right.

He became king, but his stay was short-lived after he slumped and died 3 months after his coronation. This becoming the shortest serving Ooni.