Lethal Bride Episode 16


She nodded, he opened the door for her, she mouthed “thank you” and got in. All the way home shivers ran down her spine, she would have died in the hands of a man seeking vengeance but Easton always came to her rescue. She looked at him and smiled secretly, she felt secure around him. Soon she dozed off. Easton tapped her slightly on her arm,

“hey, wake up, we are home”, her eyes opened slowly to meet his smiling eyes; she smiled a little and mouthed “thank you”. She got out of the car and walked slowly into the house. Her thoughts shifted to Bruce, how on earth could he trick her like that? She felt like a fool and swore under her breathe never to fall a victim of deceit again. She heard Easton’s steps behind her, she turned round

“thank you for saving me”, he frowned

“you have said this a thousand times already, it’s my job to make sure you are okay, you’re like a sister to me”. She moved closer to him, kissed him on his right cheek and gave him a tight hug, he returned the embrace and kissed her on her forehead. “but remember I am your boss, so step away”, he teased,

“yes sir”, she stepped back and faced the direction to her room. He watched her leave before answering the phone that had been vibrating in his pocket for a long time. It was Scarlet.

He loved his sister so much. They never really got along when they were kids, but as they grew older, the bond increased. He loved his niece Ella too and sometimes hoped she wouldn’t end up like them; he wished a normal life for her. They talked on and on until he heard Ella’s voice in the background,

“let me talk to my beautiful niece”,

“hello” came the little angelic voice of Ella,

“hello, precious one, how are you doing?”

“I’m fine. Uncle mommy told me that my nanny is staying with you, is that true?”, he paused for some few seconds, it dawned on him that his little niece was already attached to Crystal.

“Yes honey, she lives with me, but right now, she has to rest, she had a rough day”,

“okay, tell her I said hi”, she sounded disappointed. After he spoke to scarlet for a few seconds he ended the call and walked briskly to Crystal room. He tapped on the door.

“Come in”, he got in to meet her staring out of her window.

“is everything okay?”

“yea, why?”

“you look dampened”

“Oh! the thought of almost dying today freaks me out a little”. He smiled.

“anyway, I have a message from somebody” she looked interested suddenly


“Ella”, her face lit up brighter,

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“yea, she said I should tell you hi”, Crystal smiled,

“in a way she is always on my mind I miss her, especially the way she smiles. What else do you want to tell me?” he cleared his throat.

“ I just came to spur you up on your next mission”, she laughed, he looked confused, “okay! Why are you laughing, nothing is funny”. She stopped laughing suddenly,

“I want to be a Ninja in this mission”. His mouth hung open, his eyes showed total bewilderment, then he busted into a long laughter

“ you must be joking, what do you know about ninjas”. She didn’t join in the laughter.

“ I am serious Easton, I have been doing some research about them”,

“oh really”, he feigned interest in what she was saying.


“tell me more”, he urged with a smirk on his face. She took out a paper from a nearby drawer and started reading out.

“ a ninja don’t play sport, unless killing is the sport, a ninja can fight skillfully with any object, a ninja wears headbands, a ninja can live in a house secretly for days, a ninja can hide in incense smoke, a ninja always land on their feet, ninjas can crush golf balls with just two fingers, a ninja can catch bullets with their teeth, a ninja can……..”, his loud laughter disrupted her reading.

“you must be kidding me. So all these things you have mentioned you can do them”,

“yes, I have been taking lessons”.


“online”, he busted into another fit of laughter. She had a straight face on; she sincerely didn’t see anything funny in what she was saying. He noticed her serious face and forced himself to stop laughing, but a smile was still dancing around his face.

“So you intend on dressing up like a ninja on the day of the mission”,


“hmmmm, I see. I can’t wait to see you dress up like a ninja and do all the things you just read out”, he shook his head

“you are funny”. He dipped his hand into his pocket

“I hope you would be down for dinner today, atleast leave your room and dine with me today”

“okay”. He opened the door and walked out, shutting the door slightly. As soon as he left, she rolled her eyes and sighed heavily, she felt stupid for telling him about her ninja idea.