Banking Episode 30


‘’Deji. Please relax.’’ She said calmly and continued, ‘’No offence, but I think something is definitely wrong with you lately that I don’t seem to understand. But one thing I’m very sure of is that it has to do with this Nike.’’

‘’Why do you think that.’’ He muttered, surprised by Uju’s ingenuity.

‘’The first time you had this same unpleasant countenance was few weeks ago. The same day this lady resumed at the branch. And now? How come you’re not yourself whenever she’s around?’’
Uju wasn’t the type Deji kept his personal life from, he wasn’t just ready to add this version to his own biography she already knew.

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‘’Can we talk about it later?’’ he beseeched.

‘’No way.’’ she said with the expression on her face synonymous to saying ‘split-it!’.

They stared blankly at each other for a moment before Deji started talking.

‘’Alright. Alright.’’ He took a long deep breath ‘’Remember the girl in Ife I told you about?’’

‘’Yep. The only girl you’ve ever loved and the same girl who’s making loving any other person an herculean task for you. What about her?’’