Banking Episode 29


Deji sat in a position that he could see the K&M which was also an eatery opposite the one they were. On the spur of the moment he noticed a familiar figure. The figure was none other than Nike. She was siting alone at a table meant for two. Shortly a young man came to the table and dropped a tray filled with two bottles and whatever food they were serving there.

Since the man refused to leave and instead sat on the chair across Nike, Deji concluded they were together. For a second he wished he had seen the face of the man. Why does he need to? He asked himself. Perhaps if he had asked Uju, who had noticed how unsettled he was, he would have gotten an answer.

‘’Are you okay?’’ Uju asked after she was half done with her food, while her boss’ plate was still untouched.

‘’I’m fine.’’ Deji responded.

‘’You don’t look fine.’’ She protested pointing at the food as if to say why-haven’t-you-touched-the-food?.

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‘’Well, I am.’’ Deji confirmed and began to eat. He wasn’t sure if he could tell Uju about the drama in his life right now, albeit, he already filled her in about his epic love that broke his heart in Ife. The reason he hasn’t been profoundly involved with anyone till date.

‘’Good. I need you to be, because I have an information that might interest you.’ Uju pronounced in an earnest disposition.

‘’What’s that?’’ he asked finally bringing back his attention to her.

‘’What if I tell you Peter Brian is here?’’

‘’Peter Brian? Who’s that?’’

‘’Amanda’s 450k. The guy she.. .’’

‘’Yes. Yes. You mean that criminal is here?’’ Deji asked, speaking in quick succession. His voice relatively high.

‘’You might want to keep it down.’’ She advised also with a hand gesture.

‘’Okay. We need to talk to him.’’ Deji pronounced.

‘’Of course. But here’s the thing, I saw him with the new marketing staff.’’

‘’Nike? She can’t be dating a criminal.’’ He pronounced again with his eyebrow raised. The few stares he got was an indication his voice was far from being low. He made a motion to stand up.