Lethal Bride Episode 15


She opened her eyes and tried to move but couldn’t, she raised her head up to meet his gaze, she wanted to hit him but noticed her hands were tied behind her, her mouth was sealed with a tape, her legs were also tied and she was sitting on a chair. She glared at him; he had a smile playing on his face.

“The mighty queen is trapped on a single chair, how delightful!” he got up and circled her, he held a little kitchen knife in his left hand carelessly, “you are putting up a fearless face but I know deep inside you is a scared little cat, what happened to that tiger that pulled the trigger of her gun and killed an innocent soul and walked away in a victory. I watched you that night, I thought you were just flirting with my brother, I never knew you had an evil agenda up your sleeves to take what’s left of my family, I watched you lead him away, I thought you guys wanted to make out or something, I never knew you were dragging him to his death.

I watched you come back alone but I didn’t suspect anything, hours later his body was found. I should have called the police, I should have handed you over to the police but changed my mind, that would be too easy, you are wealthy and well connected everything can easily be swept under the carpet so I waited and watched you with vengeance in my heart, the day I spinned you around was the day I wanted to kill you but I let you go, it wasn’t the right time so I waited and waited and watched your every move, now I have you in my palm so I could do what the hell I want with you”, he laughed with so much pain in his heart, his eyes were filled with liquid but tried hard to push them back in.

She remembered what he was talking about but didn’t know at that time that there was anybody paying attention to them. She tried talking but couldn’t, she just wanted to tell him that it wasn’t her wish to get his brother killed, she was just following instruction. He noticed she tried to speak, he pulled the tape off her mouth roughly she winced.

“Bruce I can’t bring your brother from the dead and it wasn’t my wish for me to kill him”

“Tell him that when you meet him, I guess he would understand better but I don’t understand the gibberish coming out from your mouth”,

“So all this was an act, even at the aquarium, I can’t believe this”

“Shut the hell up!” he thundered. He stepped closer holding the kitchen knife firmly. He pushed her head backward and pressed the knife on her neck. She didn’t flinch, she just stared at him with her lips folded, her eyes were cold and hardened she seemed to be ready for anything.

“I see you are ready to die, but I won’t give it to you easily. You have to suffer every inch of the way”. He loosened her hands and placed one of the hand on the table, he lifted the knife and smiled, “let’s see how you handle pain”, he lifted the knife higher and was about to bring it down when something stopped him, a loud sound, he looked down and saw blood spilling out of his chest, he turned round with shock and pain written all over his face to see who it was, he saw an angry face, a face of her supposed brother,

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“you bastard, you ruined my moment”, the knife fell off his hand, he turned to face Crystal “you would pay for this someday” he fell with a heavy thud and took in his last breathe.

“Easton how did you find me?” Easton placed his gun on the table and untied her.

“From the moment I saw him at the club, I knew he was up to something. I watched him from then on; he seemed to carry on bitterness inside of him and wanted some sort of revenged. I looked into him further and discovered that he was a brother to one of your victims. I knew you were in danger and I followed his every step”. She let out a sigh of relief and touched her wrist, it hurt her a little. She looked at the body of Bruce and kicked it so hard that her toes hurt.

“Scumbag!” Easton looked her and held her back from hitting a lifeless body.

“What good would it do? He won’t feel a thing. Come let’s go before this place starts crawling with black ants”. She refused to move but glared at his body, she thought she saw his body go up and down, she looked closer and saw some little life left in him.

“Easton, give me your gun”

“For what?”

“I said give me your gun” she shouted. He lifted his hands in surrender and handed her the gun. She took it from him roughly and pointed the gun to the head of the body and shot it thrice. She smiled with satisfaction “go to hell and meet your stupid brother, at least you are together with him”. Easton took the gun away from her and pulled her away.

She still turned back to make sure he was actually still and not moving. As they approached Easton’s car she looked thoughtful,

“what would happen to the body?”

“It would be taken care off, all your traces would be wiped out from the house and for his body, it won’t be found for a long time”.

“Okay, that’s relieving. You always find your way around difficult situations”.

“ Yea I know.Don’t forget, you still have a job to do”