Lethal Bride Episode 14


She mouthed “oh my God”, he waved her and smiled showing all his dentition. This was the last person she expected to see. He walked briskly towards her.

“Hello Crystal, do you remember me?

“Who wouldn’t remember a jerk like you? Please I came here alone; I don’t want your dumb self following me about”. He wasn’t planning on letting her go easily, his mind was already made up and no drama she puts up would make him run away.

“My name is Bruce. I remember spinning you around in the club, you screamed and it wasn’t fun to you, but it was fun to me”, she glared at him “I am sorry for that anyway”

“Why were you following me? Can you just explain the reason why you can’t just leave my life the hell alone? I don’t like you, don’t you get it, can’t you see it for heaven’s sake”, she raised her voice so that people would hear her and in the process he would feel embarrassed and leave her alone”. He just stared at her

“are you through?” she didn’t respond, she saw that his countenance didn’t show any sign of embarrassment. He clapped his hand “nice performance sweetie, now allow me to perform my own act”, he moved several inches away from her and talked on the top of his voice, some people stopped to look at him and wondered if he was insane, more people stopped as his voice got louder. He pointed to her as he talked; her expression was a mixture of shock and embarrassment.

“My heart beats for only one person, my soul longs for a hardened heart enclosed by metal walls. I have fallen head over heels in love with this pretty being standing opposite me. Her eyes are like crystals just like her name, her skin as smooth as velvet; her body shape is like an hour glass. Perfect and beautiful woman, what else can a man ask for?” He got down on his knees and clasped his hands in a form of a prayer, and faced the crowd that had surrounded them, “please plead with me, help me tell her that I need a chance, just a chance to show her how I genuinely care about her, if I don’t have her I would loose my mind and live a life of torture knowing that there is someone in this world that I really care about but can’t have”.

By this time phones were already up and taking videos, he got up and walked slowly towards her, he knelt right in front her and held her hand, her throat went dry, she couldn’t move, her feet was stuck right where she was standing

“please stop treating me like trash and hear my heart, look at me and see how genuinely I care about you, I won’t stop until you accept me and take me as I am. Lift me up to show your acceptance”. Crystal had no words in her mouth for the first time; she looked down at him and listened to every word that came out of his mouth. Then people around them started chanting

“lift him up”, even little children. Bruce smiled up at her,

“you hear them, lift me up”, she shut her eyes for few seconds, then opened them

“alright, come up”, she pulled him up, his arms went around her quickly as he kissed her forehead. Everyone around applauded, he turned to look at them

“a big thank you to all of you, you guys have helped to get my woman”, slowly the crowd dispersed, but few stayed behind to have the complete video. He pulled her away, he felt like a king as he held her hand. He looked at her and smiled broadly.

“So it’s official now”

“What’s official?”

“You are now my girlfriend and we have started dating”,

“And when did our relationship start?” he left her hand immediately,

“oh, I see you want another performance. I don’t mind creating another scene here”.

“Please don’t, I can’t take another annoying and embarrassing performance”. He smiled and held her hand,

“come, lets walk to my car, I know a place we could hang out and talk, I can’t wait to know my woman”. They got to his car; he opened the door for her and shut it immediately she got in. He drove for about half an hour, and then stopped in front of a building, it looked deserted, she turned to him

“what kind of a place is this?, this environment looks awful and I cant see any being walking down this street, I am not going in there with you”. He ignored her and came out of the car and got to her door and opened it, she refused to come out.

“Crystal don’t look at the outside, aren’t you inquisitive on what the inside would look like”, he stretched his hand towards her “trust me”, she looked at his eyes and placed her hand on his”. Sure enough as they got in, her eyes met a well arranged house, he led her into the kitchen and pulled out a chair for her to sit down, he opened the fridge and brought out a bottle of wine, placed it in front of her, opened a cabinet and pulled down two wine glasses.

She looked at the bottle of wine and noticed it had been opened before, he noticed her stare, he dropped the wine glasses on the table

“if you don’t like it, I would bring another one, I just love this wine so much, I had a glass before stepping out”,

“oh, no, no. its fine, I would take it”. He poured the drink in both glasses,

“here you go”, he handed one glass to her as he took the other and sat opposite her. She sipped her wine slowly. “So errrm, how did you get the job at the club?”

“My brother got it for me. Well he is not a biological brother, but he’s like family to me”

“Oh! I see”. They talked for a while with him asking most of the questions.

“Why aren’t you taking your drink? He smiled,

“that’s because I am so happy to have you, here and alone”. She liked the way he spoke, he had the perfect British accent, his hair was a sandy brown colour and was well combed and styled, his eyes were blue. He had a smooth handsomeness, was she already falling for him? She wondered.

She kept sipping as he talked, but suddenly she started feeling dizziness, she looked at him and saw two of him sitting in front of her, everywhere was blurry, she felt weak. She looked at her cup and looked at him again; he didn’t move an inch even when she was showing signs of discomfort.

“Bruce, you drugged me”, he smiled

“and I would do that over and over again b—h or would I call you a murderer”, she looked confused

“I don’t understand”, she tried getting up but fell back to the chair,

“you killed my brother and this is a pay back”,

“I don’t know who your ………..”, she passed out before she finished her statement.