Lethal Bride Episode 13


He dipped his hand into his pocket and pulled out his phone, swiped it open and went straight into the picture folder. He turned the phone towards her, she saw a picture of a young woman, with a sad oval face, her long and full black hair dropped around her shoulders, she wore an old fashioned long sleeve white dress, her hands placed on her lap, Crystal looked closer and saw that the lady wore a green ring on her left pinky finger, Crystal noticed she wore earrings too of the same colour.

“So that is it? A painting? And that’s all? This painting is obviously ancient” she looked disappointed.

“It’s not a waste of time Crystal, this painting cost millions of dollars, it also holds precious stones on both ears and the finger”, her face lit up,

“What kind of stones?”


“Whoa”, she already loved the idea of stealing the picture. He told her about the location of the painting and how well protected the house is, he briefed her about the routine of the occupants in the house and gave her a detailed description of the location of the painting in the house; she listened carefully and paid attention to each word he said.

Reuben and Francesca were to help her to kill the security guards around the house, while she found a way into the house.

“But with that type of security, there would be unseen eyes everywhere”

“Unseen eyes, you mean cameras. They would be taken care of”.


“Reuben would hack into the system and do what he knows best, I really don’t know how he does it, but I trust him to do it”. She looked thoughtful

“what is it?”

“So I am the front-man or would I say front-lady in all this”

“Errrr, yes. That has always been your skill. When I give instructions you deliver with a kill”. He stood up and placed his hands on his waist “I need to go now; I have some things to attend to”. She nodded and watched him leave.

Each time he said he had things to attend to, he was either going to see how much he has derived from the sales of his drugs, or he had a bevy of ladies. She sighed and slammed her laptop shut, dropped the cup in her hand beside her and stretched, she yawned so hard and long.

She got to her closet and took off the short see-through dress she was wearing, took out a blue ragged jean and jumped into it, pulled down a white shirt and wore, threw it over her head and pulled it down, then slipped her feet into a white wedge sneaker by Roger Vivier and got her Ray Ban on. She looked simple but chic.

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She picked up her phone and left the room. She needed a walk; she couldn’t remember the last time she took a walk and breathe in fresh air. As she got out she inhaled. Mystic Connecticut was a small town but she loved it, she loved the air, she loved the environment. She just wanted to clear her head.

As she walked she received stares, but it didn’t make her nervous, she knew she was attractive and she loved the stares. Her steps were graceful. She felt she was followed but shoved it aside, she wasn’t scared of anybody. She kept walking and feeding her eyes and tried to take away every intensive thought from her mind. She decided to go to Mystic Aquarium, the last time she went there was with her parents, she was thirteen at that time, she remembered loving the place and savoring the experience.

She stopped a cab, told him where she was going and hopped in. The cab stopped in front of Mystic Aquarium, she looked out and looked at it. Mystic Aquarium wasn’t much to look at from the outside; she knew once she entered through the gates her eyes would meet a large space.

She got out and paid him; he thanked her and drove off. As she got in, she was greeted by a large pool with belugas in it, parents with their kids stood taking pictures, her mind flashed back to her and her parents, she imagined standing there with her parents, taking pictures and laughing. She shook the thought out of her head.

She walked further and saw an array of fresh and salt water. She loved the way the kids screamed and showed so much excitement. She walked towards the aquarium that had sea lions, seals, and penguins. She also loved the coral aquarium. She got to see beautiful dart frogs; in some way she thought she was like them, beautiful yet deadly. She still felt she was been followed and watched, she turned to see if there was anybody following her, she took of her glasses and searched. To her amazement her eyes rested on a familiar face. She remembered the face, she remembered him, the guy from the bar.