Banking Episode 28


Deji and Uju stepped out of the conference room at around 7pm. Deji suggested they eat at one of the eateries in the Ikeja Shopping Mall before heading home to ease of the pressure from the meeting. As a staff in the operation’s department of Royal Bank, certain target has to be met just like those in the marketing department. Albeit, not as much as the marketers.

Deji actually surpassed the previous years’ target in which he brought some huge amount of fixed deposit into the bank through the customers he had established relationships with in the last few years he joined the banking industry.

Theresa actually contributed to his success in the previous year’s target. She brought in sixty percent of the amount needed for Deji to meet his target for the year. She had always contributed to his success in his chosen banking career since they met.

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Deji knew how much Theresa cared about him and he has been trying to return the affection. He really did try but the feeling weren’t just there. He knew how any misunderstanding with Theresa right now might affect his ability to meet his increased target for the current year. Then again he remembered how he has been meeting and even surpassing his target prior to when the Billionaire‘s daughter came into the picture.

Letting the poor girl, no, the rich girl go now will be better than delaying her and hurt her later. Well, he was still going to hurt her eventually, but he thought sooner would be a better choice. How he was going to do that he still had no clue.

‘’The Buffalos will be a good idea’’ Uju said, hopping into her branch manager’s car as he drove to the mall which was just few miles away. They made their way to the second floor of the mall where The Buffalo was. They were offered a seat on one of the tables for two.