Banking Episode 27


All Royal bank’s branch managers in the mainland with one of their assistant do attend a 6pm meeting at the regional office at Alausa, Ikeja every last Thursday of the month. So when Deji’s mother came into his office at 3pm when he was trying to balance his work and be ready for the meeting of the evening, he was quick to tell her how he was very busy and rather see her some other day.

‘’When are you not always very busy, even during the weekend?’’ Ireti lamented.

Deji’s office was a secluded one on which only High Net Worth customers come into. Albeit, standard customers also step into his very chilled office when he needed to give them a special attention, especially when they have service complaints.

Most of these standard customers tend to forget the reasons for their displeasure once they sip the chilled bottled of water he had always offered them. Deji knew how Nigeria’s hot sun could magnify a man’s aggravation.

‘’You of all people should know how the job is. You have friends in the industry.’’ Deji replied with his
eyes fixed on his computer.

‘’I do have friends but they still spend quality times with their wives and children.’’

‘’Well mum, last time I checked I was still single. Besides, I need to give this job my very best.’’

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‘’Of course. The more reason why you shouldn’t be in the same roof with the lowlife girl.’’ Said Ireti with a furious facial expression.

‘’Not again.’’ This time he had to look his mother in the face, the lowlife girl is now a female banker FYI.’

‘’Still doesn’t change a thing to me.’’

‘’Well you have nothing to worry about. We’re in the same organisation, we can’t date each other.’’ Deji said calmly and went on, ‘’Mom, trust me, you have nothing to worry about. Just let her be.’’
He attempted to place his hand on his mother’s, but she quickly took it away from his desk.

‘’Don’t bribe me. You better stay away from her because I have my eyes on both of you.’’ The chatting application on his computer showed a yellow colour which indicated a message just came in. He opened to read and saw a chat from Uju,

‘We should be leaving in 10 minutes.’

A quick glance at the bottom left of the monitor screen showed it was 4:20pm.

He instantly typed, ‘I’m good to go,’’ to respond to her.