Lethal Bride Episode 12


Crystal listened with rapt attention, but her eyes frequently looked at the little black bag he held in his hand. Mr. Thomas left business and shifted to family. He only had two children, a boy and a girl. Easton was the first and the girl whose name was Scarlet was the second and last. Easton had no liking for academics and so stopped at high school and was taught the ways of business by his father;

Scarlet was always a bright student and was keen on going to college. She eventually became a lawyer and with her father’s influence she rose high above her mates. She was a sound lawyer but a dirty one who collected bribes to shut the mouth of Justice.

She got pregnant for a man she had a crush on but refused to marry him even though he was head over heels in love with her. She viewed marriage as a total waste of time, boring and a hindrance to the career she wanted to build for herself. But she was a sweet mother to her little girl. Easton also had that view of marriage, even when his friends tease him about settling down he laughed and shoved it under the rug.

At 32 he was not near ready to be with one woman, he thought his sister who he was older than with two years would have a different view but he found out they shared the same ambition but on different fields.

“What about your wife?” she just wanted to know about the mother who bore such children. He walked towards a window and shifted the curtain for light to illuminate the room.

“ohhhh, my poor Elizabeth. As soon as Scarlet came out of her she died. She was so beautiful, innocent, sweet and naïve about life. May her soul rest in peace”, He made the sign of the cross.

“When she died I focused my energy on making more money and building an empire for myself, I vowed not to remarry and I kept that vow. Elizabeth was the only woman I loved with the whole of my being. I had ladies who threw themselves at me but none could replace Elizabeth. I just had fun with them.” Crystal noticed Ella was still standing by her,

“go to my room and wait for me”; Ella nodded obediently and got out of the room.

“Ella is an exact copy of Scarlet; she brought her here for the holiday”. Mr. Thomas saw she was already getting tired of his story. “Sorry to bore you Miss Crystal, but here is your reward”, he stretched the black bag towards her and she reached out for it and opened it immediately. What met her eyes made her want to work for Easton for a century, she didn’t care, as long as she had breath she would kill for him.

She felt them with her fingers. She was rewarded with what she loved, diamonds. Being a nanny wasn’t such a bad idea. She never knew that she would survive the whole episode. She saw Scarlet for the first time when she came to pick up Ella. Holiday was over.

Finally she was in her own room in Easton’s house. She felt totally relieved to be finally home. She sipped hot milk drink as she surfed through the internet with her laptop on her bed. Her thoughts drifted to her parents. Her dad was white and an American and her mom was a Nigerian. From two different continents but loved themselves to a fault.

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When she turned 16 she wished secretly in her heart that one day she would find a man who would love her just the way her father loved her mother. She always loved the closeness and friendship between her parents. As she got older she became scared of having a family that would one day be snatched away from her just the way her parents were taken away from her.

She shoved the thought of ever having a family of her own. Her thoughts shifted to Easton, he was a successful business man, but brutal. He had expected her to be addicted to hard drugs by now with the way it went in and out of the house. She always told him that hard drugs might diminish her attractiveness and steal away her youthful glow. She preferred smoking just a cigarette. Her thoughts went back and forth until a knock jolted her.

“Who is it?”


“Come in”. He got in with his hands shoved into his pocket. He looked unusually attractive, she looked at his thin lips, moved her eyes down to his perfectly spread out chest. He noticed her stare.

“Do I look different today?” she smiled

“yes”. Deep down she wondered why he didn’t even look at her twice, he was a guy and she was an attractive lady. Sometimes when ladies pay him visit she would get a little jealous, but consoled herself by saying he saw her as his own sister and didn’t want any weird situation between them. He sat on the bed beside her,

“what do you plan on doing with your diamonds”,

“hmmmm”, she put her index finger on her chin, “I think I would change my wardrobe, buy a new ride and give my skin a treatment it deserves”. He smiled

“I thought as much. Women and change of wardrobe though”. She loved it when he talked with her; she loved it when he laughed. This was her boss but deep inside she seemed to have an attraction for him. He kept talking without observing that she only laughed because a phrase he said is supposed to be laughed at, she only seemed to listen so he wouldn’t see how her eyes roamed his body.

“It’s just a crush”, she told herself. Finally he held her hand and looked serious,

“I need you to do something for me”,

“What is it?”

“I want you to steal a painting for me. It’s not a one man job. Francesca and Reuben would join you. I already have a buyer but I don’t have the painting”.