Lethal Bride Episode 11


Days passed quickly, she had not gotten instruction from Easton on what to do. The fourth week was nearly over. Ella had developed a strong attachment for her, she centered the whole of each day around her, and she didn’t care about her grandpa anymore, all she wanted was to be with crystal.

Francesca and Reuben got better each day with their annoying statements. Crystal avoided them as much as she could. The old man who she finally knew his name to be Mr. Thomas developed closeness with her. He always wanted to have a little chat with her anytime he had the strength. The job Easton had given to her seemed to take forever for it to be executed.

At a point she thought Easton wanted to abandon her and pick someone new, maybe he had gotten tired of her and needed someone smarter, more swift and deadly because she was turning soft, but she thought it was dumb to think like that of Easton, he cherished her and loved the way she did her job.

One fine afternoon, she was at the backyard with Ella, building a house with bricks of different colors when her cell phone rang. She glanced at the caller and saw Easton. She picked.

“Its time, go upstairs now, to the old man’s room. Something precious is there. When I say precious, I mean precious, now go and keep the phone on your ears, I would still give instructions”. Crystal sprang up without excusing herself, Ella looked concerned she didn’t like the way her nanny left her, she followed. Immediately Crystal got in, she met Francesca holding a gun,

“take it”, Easton ordered from the other end, she wondered how he knew Francesca held a gun, she took the gun from her anyway, it was time to prove herself. She climbed the stairs quickly, with her left hand holding the phone to her ear, and her right hand held the gun. She kicked the door to the room open and saw the old man holding a little black bag under his arm. He looked frightened and unsure of what to do.

“Rebecca help me please, they want to take this away from me”, he looked at her right hand and saw a gun; he looked betrayed “I hired a nanny, not a killer. Do you want to kill me? Please don’t do this, think about Ella, think about the times we spent together” actually before he started talking she was already thinking about Ella and the few times she sat to talk with him.

“Shoot him Crystal; he is dangerous and devious, even more than I am” Easton voice on the phone seemed to bring out the hardness in her. She raised her hand and pointed the gun towards him, aimed it at his forehead. He trembled; words seemed to get stuck in his throat, so his eyes pleaded for mercy. She had a thought and brought her hand down

“what are we taking away from him” she asked Easton

“the bag he’s holding?”,

“Must he die for it? Why don’t I take it away from him and walk away, he is old and weak, it’s no big deal” she could hear his anger rising over the phone but she didn’t understand this at all.

“Look Crystal, if you let him live, you would die within few minutes, he has seen you’re a threat to him, he has seen your face, he would kill you I know him. Stop giving orders, it’s my duty to do it, shoot him”. She tried to raise her hand again but felt a hand stopping it from coming up, she looked down to see Ella holding her hand.

“Please don’t kill my grandpa, Miss Rebecca, please”, her eyes were already teary, Crystal saw how scared she was, even though he barely had time for her, she still loved him.

“Shoot him and lets get this over with”, she heard Reuben’s voice behind her. She looked at Ella

“leave this place Ella; you are not supposed to be here”.

“Forget about her and focus”, she heard Francesca voice behind her.

“Do it now”, Reuben’s voice,

“there is no time Crystal eliminate him”, Francesca voice,

“please don’t kill my uncle”, Ella’s voice.

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All their voices crowded her head; she pulled her hand away from Ella’s grip, she pointed the gun at him, he closed his eyes ready to be erased, Ella tugged at her elbow to stop, Francesca and Reuben urged her to go ahead. She thought about Easton. She pulled the trigger. Nothing happened. She pulled again, nothing happened. Immediately laughter erupted from everyone around her except Ella, she too looked confused. Crystal pressed the phone to her ear and also heard Easton laugh

“so you wanted to kill my father?” she looked confused, she didn’t understand what was going on

“your what!!”,

“hello Crystal, it’s a pleasure meeting you”, Mr. Thomas grinned. She looked at Reuben, for the first time she saw him really smile. Was this a prank the whole time? She didn’t get it, why did Easton play the prank on her? She thought. She felt a sharp stinging sensation on her arm; she looked down to see Ella pinching with so much effort.

“You wanted to kill my grandpa”, she sounded sad. Crystal got down on her knees to ease her hurt,

“no honey, it was just a game, can’t you see us all laughing?” Ella bought the lie, but clearly she didn’t like that type of game. Mr. Thomas tapped Crystal on her back, she turned to look at his pleased face, and she quickly got up in respect to the father of her boss. He smiled.

“Everything you see Easton do, he got it from me, everything he owns, he inherited it though I am not dead. I was a business man, but retired now so he took over. We have a rule in our business anybody that gets in the way would have to die, so we need people to do the dirty job of erasing, and if the person is caught, there is a way we go about it that the person would be released and trust we have connections. In every sector there are always corrupt and greedy people who would do anything to get more money”.