Lethal Bride Episode 17


She sat down heavily on the bed and ruffled her hair a bit. She heard a little noise at her door, her eyes went to the base of the door, she saw someone’s shadow, her eyes moved up and she saw the knob of her door move. For some reason she got scared a little and feared the face she would see would be the face of Bruce haunting her. The door opened and Easton’s face peered in,

“errr, I forgot something. Please dress up nicely, we have a guest”, she frowned

“male or female”

“female”. She smiled

“a special someone or just a friend”.

“does it matter”

“of course it does. I want to know who my boss has fallen in love with”. He shook his head,

“you know that wouldn’t happen anytime soon. So please just come down and dine with us. Don’t forget to be polite”. With that, his face disappeared and her door was closed again. She made a funny face at the door and slumped on the bed

At 6pm she slipped into a red mini gown, her feet wore gold flat shoes, she packed her hair into a high bun, she wore a diamond s–d earrings. She looked at her right wrist, it felt empty, she pulled out a silver bracelet from her jewelry box and wore it. She looked at it lovingly and remembered her mother.

The lifeless body of her mom came to her head with blood spilling from her mouth. She remembered before the bodies of her parents were taken into the ambulance she pulled out the bracelet from her mom’s wrist quickly. She slammed the jewelry box shut and inhaled. She pushed the thoughts of her parents away from her head and walked out of her room, down to where she was waited for.

As she stepped downstairs she heard the laughter of a female, she got curious and increased her paced. Immediately she got into the dinning room she saw a blonde laughing with a glass of wine in her hand and using the other to play with his beard. She cleared her throat loudly.

“oh! Hello” came the friendly voice of the beautiful blonde, “we have been waiting for you”, Easton got up and pulled a chair out for her, and gestured for her to join them. In a way Crystal hated the loud attractiveness of the blonde. She sat down right across the blonde and looked at the properly laid out table. She didn’t feel hungry she just respected Easton. Easton cleared his throat,

“Crystal, this is Alicia, my special friend friend”,

“hello”, Alicia was quick to respond. Crystal ignored her and turned to Easton,

“I don’t understand the meaning of special friend. Does she mean anything to you or just a friend you screw when you are bored”. He felt embarrassed, he wasn’t expecting her to behave and sound rudely. He covered it up by laughing, by this time Alicia’s face had lost it’s sparkle, she dropped her glass down and glared at Crystal, Crystal in turn glared at her.

“Easton you can’t sit there and watch her insult me”, Alicia got disappointed that he didn’t say anything about Crystal’s behavior.

“Alicia darling don’t let her bad mood to disturb you, she had a rough day today that’s why she’s like this”

“Easton she is indirectly calling me a w—e, didn’t you hear what she said”. Crystal got up and looked at Alicia straight in the eye

“sorry for ruining your dinner for you”, she took up her own plate and stomped out. Easton watched her in total confusion, before turning to assure Alicia that the rest of the evening would be a pleasant one and excused himself to check on Crystal.

He tapped on her door softly before going in. He met her lying in a foetal position,

“Crystal, what was that back there?, why did you behave like that?. She got up and looked at him,

“I’m sorry Easton, I just lost it back there. I’m not just in the right frame of mind. Please help me tell her I’m sorry. Go back to her and have a wonderful evening don’t let me ruin it for you”. He sighed and closed the door. All she thought about was her new mission.

A week passed, her most anticipated day came. Rueben and Francesca were downstairs waiting for her, all dressed in black leather clothing, black hand gloves, with different pistols hiding in their clothes. Easton became impatient, he wondered what kept Crystal from coming down at the specific time given to her. Finally they heard her running down the stairs. As soon as she came in sight, they all burst in laughter; she was wearing a ninja regalia.

“seriously Crystal, you must be high on something really strong”, Francesca said still laughing.

“for Christ sake, go and change into something more befitting for the occasion, we not samurai’s” Easton pleaded.

Crystal kept a straight face and went up slowly to change into another outfit. On getting to the house, they saw cars parked everywhere; they got closer to the house to see what was happening. To their amazement a party was going on, most of the men wore a tuxedo and the women did their best to reveal all their curves with the clinging dresses they wore.

Crystal mouth dropped, how the hell were they going to steal the painting? Without raising an alarm dressed the way they were. Rueben dialed Easton’s number on his cell phone,

“boss, there is a problem”

“what is it?”

“there is a party going on here, the house is parked full to what I see, very wealthy personalities are here.” Easton kept mute for a while.

“you guys, come back and dress for the occasion”

“okay”. Rueben relayed the information, Crystal frowned

“I don’t like parties like this”

“you just sounded like a party popper”, Francesca laughed. They got back to their black van and Easton drove on a top speed back home. They changed into expensive dinner wears, wore colognes that smelt rich. Both women wore light makeup. Rueben looked handsome in his grey tuxedo.

“now, we are ready to crash a party” Rueben laughed. They all rushed back to the van to find Easton standing with a large square wooden board in his hand. They looked curious.

“what’s that?” Crystal was quick to ask the question. Easton smiled.

“you know as your boss, I am smart with a very high Intelligence quotient”. He turned the board towards them, they all gasped.

“You stole the painting already”, Rueben sounded very shocked.

“no I didn’t dumbass, Its just a replacement. Once you steal the painting, you replace it with this; no one would spot the difference. Now go and don’t ask me how I did it, I always have ways”. Rueben took it from him and rushed into the van, Crystal and Francesca got into the van and pulled it shut. As they drove back to the party, Crystal told them to find a way through the back of the house, so that it would be easy for them to carry the replacement in.

As soon as they got to their destination they wasted no time to execute their plans. Francesca and Rueben carried the replacement while Crystal walked briskly in front of them holding a tranquilizer gun. Every guard she saw got tranquilized. Soon they were at the back of the house, she tried to open but it was stuck, she looked at Rueben and smiled

“Ruby, can you help me please, I don’t want to destroy my expensive shoes, and it’s worth a fortune”. He shook his head and dropped the replacement gently with Francesca supporting it. Crystal stepped back as Rueben kicked the door open.

“Yaay, my hero”, Crystal teased.

They got into what seemed like a store. They dropped the replacement there and walked in majestically to join the party. Waiters stood at strategic places, each of them held a tray with wine glasses filled with wine. They decided to split up but within an eye range. They blended in their different position, laughing and starting up a conversation but looking out for any human and digital threat. Soon when they thought everything was cleared, they gave themselves signals to meet at the store room.

“you and Crystal remove the painting and hang the replacement, I would cause a distraction, please be quick about it, after it’s done, we disappear” Easton instructed. They nodded and got to work. He got back to the party and looked for a perfect spot to stage distraction. He got a spot and cleared his voice.

“ ladies and gentlemen”, no one paid any attention to him, he cleared his throat again and raised his voice so high. “ladies and gentlemen”, most people turned to look at him, he smiled, “I am here to give a toast to a wonderful host, it’s a beautiful party, filled with delicious menu, a spacious and a beautiful home. He has been a very good friend to me” murmuring started and he could hear few giggles especially from the women, one was bold enough to talk

“It’s a she not a he”, he felt a little embarrassed but laughed about it

“of course I know I was just teasing, she is a strong woman”. He raised his glass up and everyone followed “we toast to a happy life” the sound of clicking glasses were heard he looked around for Crystal and Francesca, he saw them giving him the OK sign, it was time for them to leave. He was about to leave when he felt a hand on his shoulder, he turned round to see a woman of about sixty years of age,

“who are you young man, I have never seen you before”, his palms became cold. He cleared his throat,

“I came here with a friend ma’am, I just wanted to put a little life, I saw people in different clusters, like there was a division between them, just wanted to unite them by giving a toast”, she smiled and gave a pat on his back,

“thank you”, she walked away slowly.

He walked away briskly; he got to where Crystal and Francesca were. He placed his arms on their shoulders; he raised his eyes to the painting on the wall,

“d–n! No one would spot the difference”. A man brushed Crystal shoulders mistakenly and couldn’t utter any form of apology. She got annoyed and pushed Rueben’s arm from her shoulders and followed the man, his legs were longer than hers’ so she had to walk faster to keep up with him. Finally she closed the gap and tapped him on his back,

“Hey mister, don’t you have manners”, the man turned around, when she saw his face she felt like drowning at that instant. “Bruce!!! You died”, he looked confused and squeezed his eyebrows

“who is Bruce?. Sorry miss, you got the wrong person”, he walked away from her quickly. She kept staring and didn’t move until she heard Francesca voice,

“what is it?”

“I just saw Bruce”.