Kumkum Bhagya – Thursday(10.11.16)


​Kumkum Bhagya Thursday 10th Nov 2016 On Adom TV

The episode begins with Abhi telling Sarla that he is waiting for the day when he will hate Pragya fully, then she will know that when a lover turns into a hater, the world will know. Abhi asks Sarla to forget all this and pleads with her to go with him. Dadi hears and decides to do something, saying she will never let him hate Pragya.
Raj searches for Vijay. Vijay is sitting on top of a tent/hut somewhere and tells Raj, she is still alive, needs some time more. Raj tells Vijay not to do anything and asks where Pragya is. Vijay says she will tell him after the work is complete.
Dadi screams at Ronie and asks where pragya is,Ronnie then decides to go search for Pragya.
Abhi Tanu precap scene (bow and arrow scene), Abhi says you did do wrong and expects me to sorry. Tanu says I don’t do mistakes intentionally, whoever wants tells me anything, no one understand my condition. I live with the hope of getting married to you, my parents stopped talking to me, Aaliyah is not here but you instead of hoping, you keep shouting at me.
Abhi tells Tanu not to say that because they need to support each other during this time, he knows they have MUs, so if she still wants to sulk, he can’t help it. Tanu hugs Abhi but he does not hug her back.
Tayaji calls Tayiji football and asks if she wants to become a stadium (Tayiji wants to eat something while looking at Mitali eating). Mitali then tells her she is eyeing her food.
ID can’t find Pragya and Dadi tells ID she sent Ronnie. Ronnie comes back and says he can’t find her anywhere. Purab reaches there too, Dadi, ID, Purab all go in search of her. Raj is worried now that everyone’s attention is on her. He then realizes these three are supposed to be her enemies, why are they worried about her?
Vijay asks Pragya why she didnt sleep, there is still time before her death. Her mouth and body are tied. He is explaining all the bombs to her and also shows her one bomb on her head that will explode her head like a coconut.
Raj keeps searching for Vijay, Tanu comes and asks him what he is doing alone.
Raj screams at Aaliyah and tells her this is all because of her, he told her not to hire this crazy guy. Raj tells her he will kill Pragya. Tanu becomes happy at that news. Raj says he is leaving and if she doesnt die then we will see, while tellig them not to get too excited.
Abhi is wondering why it takes so long to burn Raavan and thinks the party will start only after the burning. Purab asks Tayaji if he has seen Pragya and he says no. Purab then goes to ask Abhi and  Mitali is now curous as to why Purab is asking about Pragya.
Abhi says she has really gone so today is double celebration. Purab says the organizers will put out a fraud case but  Abhi says he doesnt care since it’s not his company and his name is already spoilt, along with Raavan so Lady Mogambo will also burn.
Pragya is seen in the Raavan effigy.
The next part begins with Vijay looking at a terrified Pragya and saying everyone will face death so enjoy your last moments. Vijay also tells her, you will be so happy to hear this news, that after you die, your well wishers will come after me and they might kill me. He tells her that is not a possibility, someone else will kill you, the one and only Abhi the rockstar will shoot the arrow. Everyone will say Abhi burnt the Raavan, now do you understand, you will die by your ex husband and you will go straight to heaven since you’re dying married.
Pragya starts struggling while Vijay leaves.
Dadi asks Purab to call Pragya’s phone, Purab tries but Pragya is not answering her phone. Dadi asks Purab and Ronnie to go ask all the guests. They all start asking everyone around.
Dadi praying to God to take care of Pragya.
Taya, Tayi, Mitali funny scene about Tayiji Raavan size. Mitali suggests they go inside the Raavan to examine how much Pragya spent on this Raavan effigy. Tayaji warns them about getting hurt by crackers, Mitali Tayiji go to check the effigy. They go to the effigy, they see a door and argue about who is going to enter first. Tayiji goes to the door, Vijay comes out. Vijay asks what they are doing here, Mitali asks them to open the door, she threatens Vijay saying I will complain to Abhi. Mitali puts Tayiji front and says try and stop us.
Raj comes and asks what is going on. Vijay says I have put firecrackers inside, if something happens, dont hold me responsible. Raj tells Mitali and Tayiji they are not supposed to be there because Pragya kept Vijay there.
The last part begins with Purab taking Abhi aside and saying he is going mad trying to search for Pragya. Abhi says you changed parties, Pragya bribed you with BB and you changed? Purab tries to explain to ABhi that he will be in big trouble if they cant find Pragya and Abhi asks why he should save his biggest problem.
Purab then says fine dont tell me. Abhi says no I will be more bored so let’s go and chill. Purab then says if we have to leave, lets all leave together, then when we all get insulted, you explain. Abhi says ok lets go find her.
Abhi says once I find her, then I will burn her with Raavan.
Vijay bring Raj to show Pragya tied to the Ravan back. He says he made full proof plan and the person will be blamed who fire the arrow on Ravan. Tanu comes and irks Vijay. Vijay shows her that he has tied Pragya. Tanu is shocked. Pragya is unconscious. Sponsor asks about Pragya. Dadi says she will come. They misbehave with Dadi. Abhi comes and asks how dare you to misbehave with my Dadi and threatens to cancel the event. Purab asks them to apologize to Dadi and end the matter. They apologize and ask Abhi to wait till she comes. Abhi refuses to fire the arrow and asks them to find another Ram for Ravan Dahan. Purab asks them not to worry. Pragya gains consciousness and thinks why he is doing this with her. She says she will never forgive him if she dies with Abhi’s hands, and then he will be blamed. She prays to God to protect Abhi and says this is her last wish. Purab says she might be in some problem. Abhi says she must be hiding somewhere to show her importance, and says he will rest till then. He asks Purab to come when lady mogambo comes.
Abhi thinks it seems like ego crashing between Lady mogambo and Ravan. Pragya sees him and tries to alert him. Suddenly her jewellery piece falls near Abhi. Abhi wonders whose jewellery it is and asks Ravan. He comes near Ravan and asks him to fall on lady mogambo. Pragya cries as she couldn’t sign him. Purab comes back and tells Abhi that Pragya is not here. Abhi asks Ronnie about Pragya and asks him to find her.
The sponsor tells that Pragya and Abhi are missing. He says these organizer are unprofessional. Dasi says if anything happens to Pragya then we will slap case against your company. Dadi says you will not be in the position to deal with anyone then. The sponsor says that if they delay, then people will get angry. They say that we will end the event and then find Pragya. They say Abhi is not here. Tai ji asks Raj to fire arrow on the Ravan. Raj refuses and says he don’t want to kill anyone. Tai ji and Mitali try to convince him. Raj refuses and goes. The sponsors ask them to convince Abhi to do the honors.
Purab calls Bulbul and asks where is she? Bulbul asks him to turn and see. Purab says you should have taken rest. Bulbul says she will leave. Purab tells her that Pragya is missing and gets afraid thinking she is in problem. She asks where is Aaliya? Purab says Aaliya is not here. Bulbul says we shall ask Tanu then? Purab says we can’t accuse them and asks her to sit. Bulbul says I will come with you. Tanu asks Raj, why you have refused?Raj says if he fires the arrow then he will be jailed. He says I don’t want to be trapped. He says I will take Abhi’s name and will tell that Abhi has murdered her. Tanu says it is your plan. Raj reminds her that it was her plan and says he will give more money to Vijay and will ask him to take her name. Tanu is shocked and wonders what to do.
Pragya thinks Abhi has to hear her voice today. She calls from her heart asking Abhi to come. Purab asks Abhi to agree and do Ravan Dahan. Abhi thinks Pragya might be showing attitude, and then thinks she might be in problem. Pragya calls Abhi from the bottom of her heart and asks him to come. Abhi hears her voice and senses she is calling him. Pragya thinks I love you very much and can’t let you in any trouble. Abhi feels that someone dear is in trouble. Purab tells that he didn’t hear any voice.
Pragya cries. Abhi is about to fire the arrow on Ravan and looks on.