Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 117


It was really wonderful hanging out with grandpa and fun learning how to play golf for the first time. Grandpa was a genius and no matter how hard i tried as a rookie i could never beat him, i wasn’t frustrated, i only wanted to give it my best shot and prove i was getting better by the minute. Soon we both got tired, we drove down to the pool side where we both relaxed under the shelter, which extended from the beach house, and then some lady served us cold grape juice.
Micheal: do you like it down here?
Me: like it?? I love it!! I said smiling.
Micheal: am sure you do, its quite obvious you have a good taste too, you really should stop thinking its your grandpa’s house you know?
Me: why?? I asked a bit confused.
Micheal: because its your house he said with a smile.
Me: huuuh! I said looking shocked when i realized i was his grandson. Hahhaa ok i get it, but there are lots of securities in here you know.
Micheal: you wait until you see the cleaners he said smiling.
Me: you foot all those bills and you are retired?? Wooow!!!
Micheal: hahaha you have to start getting used to it son, cause soon you are gonna be just like me.
Me: really well sure that will be after mum retires from fadden corp too.
Micheal: seriously lucas fadden corp is just like one-tenth of my investments and trust me its not even the best paying.
Me: uhmmm did you just say one-tenth or my ears are playing tricks on me?
Micheal: theres nothing much left for this old man, all i have to do now is eat sleep and wake up. You know what scares me must, am gonna leave all this luxuries to vanish when am gone. Am glad i have you lucas.
Me: uhmmm i dont get it, you have a house as huge as this and mum didnt want to stay??
Micheal: you know mirabel has been through alot, and right now she doesnt want me interfering in anything she does.
Me: yea you know, now that i think about it, she has every right to be angry. How is it that my dad went free after all he did and mum and i was left alone, even when she wasnt ok and no one came in search of us.
Micheal: i trusted milano, even when she complained a few times, i thought she was only badmouthing him. And then she got missing, that was definitely not her style, and really strange too, while i went in search of her, i did some little findings myself. But then the only reason why i never threw him into a pot of hot oil was only because of my wife. She was bent on finding our daughter before anything else. And then we got a call from the doctor named charles, he told me she was in his hospital. Trust me you have no idea how great that sounded, we did everything possible and luckily she was finally ok. I made sure charles was well compensated.
Me: you know perhaps she’s still angry at the fact that you never believed her you know.
Micheal: well its all in the past now so what do you think.
Me: well i think am lucky i went through all this in one piece you know.
Micheal: can i tell you a secret??
Me: of course you can.
Micheal: i need a heir.
Me: whoa!! All this is way to much for me, i think i prefer my regular life you know.
Micheal: hahah you dont have to feel pressured about anything, i still have years to leaveyou know, i can teach you.
Me: alright but can i will think about it.
Micheal: take your time, but remember its our secret lucas he said with a smile.
Me: looking at my watch, wooow i have to go now, its almost evening i said standing.
Micheal: alright lucas the driver will take you there he said smiling. He called the driver, who came over immediately.
Me: byeee i said as i followed the driver from behind.
Micheal: lucas, why dont you bring your gf over sometime perhaps for dinner he said winking.
Me: alright grandpa i said smiling.
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Sophia was back home with a few chocolate bars she wanted to share with lucas.
Sophia: lucas!!! She called as she searched the entire house and was finally convinced he was no where near this house. He never mentioned going out she thought as she washed up and was back to the living to watch movies. Just then mirabel walked in.
Sophia: welcome mum
Mirabel: how is my baby doing she said walking pass her, got to her room, she changed into some casual clothes and was back. Dont tell me lucas is sleeping.
Sophia: no i think he went somewhere.
it was almost evening, she prepared a goodbye lunch for schwartz. Arranged the table and was back to the sitting room, to relax abit.
Just then she heard a loud bang on the door, which flew open simultaneously and men ran in shooting at her.
To be continued…