Kizalsa Bootcamp 2017


The Official Launches of the Kizalsa Afropolitan Social Dancing Workshop are on Friday the 3rd and Saturday 4th of March 2017 at our training locations in East Legon Adiriganor and Osu Nyaniba respectively.
Follow @Kizalsa_ for further details or DM us or whatsapp 0541135348.
This is your chance! Don’t miss it!
Kizalsa ™ – A Beautiful Afropolitan Lifestyle Experience
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Talking about Christmas coming early at Kizalsa… 😌more treats coming up… 
Everyone who pays for the workshop in full not only gets an immediate 15% discount plus 2 t shirts and 2 branded face towels… But also a whopping *20% discount on any Ariel’s Haven Spa Package…*
So you were saying? 😌😇;)🎁
And all past Kizalsa bootcamp students and “confirmed” couples get an instant 25% off the full price of the workshop. You can’t beat this value. 👊🏽
Another Important Special Announcement!*
Courses for the Kizalsa Social Dancing Workshop include:
Kizomba (Basic & Basic Intermediate) 
Salsa (Basic & Basic Intermediate) 
Tango (Basic)
Bachata (Basic)
But by *special popular request* as well inorder to clearly differentiate between the different dance styles… There will be a *SPECIAL XXX 90min – Couples Only – sensual dance class.*
Kindly note that this is *NOT* a part of the Kizalsa Workshop! However, it will be reserved *STRICTLY* for couples who complete the entire KIZALSA workshop. Further details will be released in due time. 
 The purpose will be to properly teach the sensuous aspect of social dancing for *couples* as well as to properly differentiate between Kizomba, Tarraxxa, Zouk and Francophone Zouk Love.
Better find your confirmed partner now!😇 This is Kizalsa… We don’t play💣