The Stalker ~Episode 5


I felt very weird in the hood and dark shades and I looked like a shady character in a low budget Colin Farrell movie. But I was willing to look as weird as i was required to avoid anyone recognizing me, especially Creep. I entered the restaurant and a few eyes turned my way, I lowered my head and headed straight for the back corner. I had never been to this place, Creep could not trace me here, he’d never think to look for me in that kind of place. I sat quickly and stole a quick glance around the restaurant, quite a few people were looking at me, but none were familiar faces. 
I removed my phone from my pocket and dialled Segun’s number again. And once again he did not answer. I was getting worried. My leg was shaking vigorously under the table and I was fidgeting with my phone. Creep must not find me, neither could Dupe. Dupe would probably kill me if she saw me with Segun but there was nothing else I could do, I needed to help Dave. 
“Hey.” A voice called from behind me. I spun around, it was Segun. He wasn’t looking good at all. What was wrong with him? 
“I’m sorry about Dupe, I didn’t…” he started but I cut him off. 
“I’m not here for that, I’m here for Dave!” I said. 
“Dave? I thought you were not going to date him.” 
“What? I didn’t tell you that. See, Dave was set up for cheating, did you know that?” I asked Segun looked away. 
“I’m not surprised.” He said under his breath. 
“Wait, what do you mean by that?” Segun stood and left the table. I rose and followed him. 
“Segun, what the hell?” He didn’t stop and I followed him. Why was he acting so weird? Segun, stop!” He stopped and I caught up with him. What’s going on here?” I was very confused. 
“Look, I can’t help you with Dave.” 
“Why? You are jealous? Really?” 
“Listen to me,”Segun said and grabbed my hand. Dave is no good for you. Leave him, okay? Don’t get involved with his issues.” I shook his hands off my body. I couldn’t believe I ever liked him, what had changed him so much. Was he so threatened by Dave? 
“I don’t know what is wrong with you Segun, Dave is your friend! Your freaking friend!” He shook his head and walked away. I stood there and watched him leave. Tears came to my eyes, I had no idea what to do now. My life was falling apart. My usual life of seclusion on campus was starting to look stupid now. I needed friends now and I didn’t have any. 
There was somebody I could call. It wasn’t right and I was not sure he could help but I was desperate.I sighed and dialled. 
“Hello Dr. Korede.” 
“Do we have a meeting scheduled?I don’t recall…” 
“No sir, it’s something different. Can I come see you?” He agreed and I went to his office. 
We’d never discussed anything apart from my project but I figured I could trust him. 
“I’ve never seen you in this office without a book in your hand,” He said as I entered his office. Hope all is well.” 
“Yes sir,” I said, trying to smile. I’m in some trouble sir and I need your help.” He remained quiet so I went on. I told him about Creep, I told him about the calls, I told him about the set-up, I told him everything. Except Segun. 
“Why didn’t you report immediately to the security?” He was very concerned with my flippant attitude towards Creep.
 “Sir, I would have but who would I report? I don’t have a name, I don’t have his department, I have nothing on him.”
 “First, let me call to confirm that your friend was truly caught for exam malpractice.” He said and brought out his phone. My eyes roamed around the office as I waited for the call. Apparently my supervisor was a politician, I’d never noticed. He knew quite a few popular people too. 
“Hello Tunji, how are you?” He said and my attention went back to him. I need some info.There was a guy caught in your department cheating, do you know about it?” I watched his face carefully. His face didn’t show much and he didn’t say anything. I got increasingly anxious. What was going on? Finally he ended the call.
 “What did he say sir?” I asked before his phone left his ears.
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 “I’m afraid they have some real evidence against your friend.”
 “I know sir, but he was framed.” I said, tears starting to sting my eyes.
 “Tunji said he caught him himself, he cheated.” 
“It’s all a set-up sir.” 
“If it’s a set-up, why did he hit a guard trying to escape?” He asked. That I could not explain. 
“How long have you known this boy – Dave?” He asked. 
“I’ve known him for long sir, he can’t do this, I swear to you.” 
“Are you dating him?”
 “Yes… no… yes sir, I am.
” I did not know if that answer was correct, but if it would help, then yes. I will do what I can to find out the truth but I’d advise you to face your project, don’t disturb yourself too much on this.” I looked at his face and knew I wasn’t going to get help from him. He didn’t believe my ‘setup’ story and I couldn’t blame him.
 “Sir, could you  help me talk to the security men? I need to see him.” I said. He shook his head. 
“No, you know I can’t do that.”
 “Please sir, I promise to leave this all alone if I can just do that.” He sighed and nodded.
 “I’ll get you ten minutes.” He called some numbers and told me to go to the security post. I thanked him, put on my hood and hurried off from his office. 
My phone rang. Dave? Did they let him go? I already clicked the answer button before I remembered it could be Creep. 
“I see you’re running around now.” He said. 
“What do you want from me?” 
“That’s the problem, you think I want something” 
“If you don’t want anything, go away!” 
“No, I can’t do that. I’ve always thought I needed you, now it’s time for you to need me.” 
“Need you for what?” 
“Well, who will help you get your boyfriend out? Who will prove he is not a cultist when the time comes.”
 “You disgust me, I don’t need you now and I will never need you!” I said and ended the call. I paused and regained my breath
 “Hey, who was that.” I turned around to see Segun running towards me. 
“None of your business.” I said and walked away. 
“You actually think I don’t want to help you?” Segun asked but I ignored him. 
“Dave is my friend too.” 
“Really?” I scoffed. 
“Wait,” He said and pulled me to a stop. 
“There are a lot of weird things going on right now. Please let me help you, okay?” I nodded yes and told me everything Dr. Korede had told me. He nodded and kept quiet. 
“Do you believe me at all?” I asked. 
“Yes, I trust you, you will never lie.” He said. 
“Okay, do you believe in Dave, your friend?” He paused and walked on. 
“Hey, answer my question. You believe Dave cheated?” 
“Look, I don’t know what happened but I’m willing to hear him out.” 
“No, you won’t be seeing him. I can’t believe I told you everything.” I said, really angry with myself. Dave had no one but me.
 “There are some things you don’t know about Dave, okay?” Segun said. 
“Like what? He likes me and had the guts to tell me?”
 “That’s not even what this is about.” Segun said. I laughed. 
“You’re so pathetic. I can’t believe this. So you don’t like me?”
 “Why don’t you answer him?” A voice said behind me. I spun around, it was Dupe.
 “Hey Dupe.” My voice shook as I talked. 
“I was wrong, you were not going to let the ashes of our relationship get cold.” She said.
 “And Dave? That was a lie too?” I looked on dumbfounded. 
“It doesn’t matter.” She said.
 “Good bye, both of you. You’re both dead to me!” I watched her walk away from me, forever . . .