The Stalker ~Episode 4


I woke up with a headache. It was the fifth consecutive day this had happened. I was a constant nervous wreck, I was worried. I had not received any call or text from Creep in five days but his previous call kept ringing in my head, I was in trouble. Dave had called severally but I never answered even though Dupe had confirmed that Dave did not misplace his phone. Dupe had gotten more pictures for me from my department but Creep wasn’t in any of them. 
No, he wasn’t in my department, I concluded. I had already lost five days of my life to worrying about him, and he was yet to do anything. It was enough, I was moving on. I struggled to my feet and looked at my phone, it was just after eight, it was not too late to take control of my day. I had not seen Segun since I met Creep, he could help me. Dupe did not like me hanging around with him, but now, I didn’t care. I dialled his number. I wonder why he hasn’t called all this while, I thought. 
“Where have you…”He started.
”Hold on please.” 
I heard some voices in the background, then silence. And then footsteps I assumed were his, running.  What was happening? 
“Alright, I’m here now. Why haven’t you been picking Dave’s call?” He asked. 
“Dupe told me you’ve been in your room all week.” 
“Are you seriously asking me that?” I couldn’t believe my ears.
 “Didn’t they tell you all that happened?”
 “Yeah, so what?” I paused and looked at my phone, I couldn’t believe Segun was the one I was talking to. 
“Anyway, I kind of want to see you.” 
“Okay…but hold on.” He said and went off the phone again. I was about ending the call in annoyance when he spoke. 
“Hello.” Only it wasn’t him, it was Dave.
 “Why have you been avoiding my calls? I thought we were cool.” I didn’t know what to say to him, I didn’t say anything, I couldn’t.
 “Are you okay?” I could hear the concern in his voice. 
“I’ll see you today. I’m sorry.” There was no point hiding. He cared about me and in spite of myself, I liked him too, there was no point running. Not anymore 
“Alright, that’s cool. I have a test this morning though, should be over before twelve.” He sounded so excited, I couldn’t help but smile.
 “See you by one then? Or just call me.” I said. 
“Oh yeah, sure I will.”
 “Hey, one more thing, tell Segun I said not to worry.” I still did not understand why Segun had been weird over the phone. It did not matter, I had a boyfriend, I did not need Segun. I dropped back on top of my bed with a smile. I wondered what it was like to have boyfriend. I needed to speak to Dupe. My door burst open and Dupe entered. 
“Ah, speak of the devil.” I said rolling over to face her. 
“I have good news.” I saw her face and stopped. She had tears in her eyes. I jumped up and she rushed into my arms. She started to sob heavily. 
“Hey dear, are you okay?” I asked looking into her eyes.
 “Segun broke up with me.” 
“What!.” I said and stepped back. 
“Why?” I took Dupe by the arm, sit her on a chair and waited for her to calm down.What was wrong with Segun? Was it me? 
“Dupe, what did Segun say was wrong?” I asked. 
“He said, going out with me was a mistake and he wasn’t really in love with me.” 
“Where did he meet you? He came here?” 
“He called me.” She said sobbing again. 
“He broke up with me on the phone!” My phone started to ring. It was Segun. I picked the phone and showed Dupe. 
“Why is he calling me?” I wondered aloud. 
“Answer it.” Dupe said. I leaned on my table and answered the call. 
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 “What do you want?” 
“I need to see you please.” He said.
 “You want to see me?” I could feel the blood rushing to my head, I was angry now.
 “You cruel b—–d, you want to see me?” 
“Please, I need to explain some things to you.” 
“Of course you do. I’m listening to you now.” I said. Dupe watched me keenly. 
“I’d rather prefer  we met.” He said. 
“I won’t meet with you, so speak now!” 
“Okay then. See, you can’t go out with Dave.” He said. Was that what this was about? Me? I couldn’t believe it. He asked my friend out and had the nerve to ask me not to date Dave? 
“What’s he saying?” Dupe whispered. I gestured to her to hold on.
 “And why shouldn’t I Mr Segun? You have a reason why not?”
 “That is why I need to see you. Please just meet me.” He said. 
“Do you know who is here with me Segun? Dupe! Remember her?” 
“Please help me tell her I’m sorry, I did it for you.” That was it! I ended the call and threw my phone on the bed.Idiot! 
“Did he ask about me? Did he change his mind?” Dupe asked, her eyes eager. I pitied her. I felt guilty for my past jealousy. I wasn’t sure it was a good idea to tell her they broke up because of me. Lying could be worse though.
 “He wants to see me.”
 “Why? Why does he want to see you?” She asked. 
“I don’t…” I started to say. 
“Wait, oh my God…He wants you? Oh my God.” She stood to her feet. I didn’t like the look on her face. 
“I should have seen it coming. All this time, I should have known.” 
“Hey, it’s not like that.” I moved close to touch her. 
“Don’t come near me.” She hissed.
 “I’m not even going to see him.” 
“Should I say ‘thank you’ because you have the decency to let the ashes of our relationship get cold before you light yours?” 
“Dupe listen to me! I will not date Segun, I’m meeting Dave today and I’ll say yes to him.” I said, tears in my eyes. She stopped. 
“What? When did you decide?” 
“I was just going to call you when you came in. I decided this morning. Please Dupe” She wiped her eyes and looked away. 
“Dupe, you’re my best friend in the world, don’t leave me now.” She nodded. 
“I’m sorry.” 
“I have to go, I can’t be here right now.” She said and turned to go. 
“Please Dupe.” 
“I will be back, just give me time.” She went out and closed the door quietly behind her. I watched her leave and wondered if she would ever be back, truly back. 
First Creep and now Segun? Maybe I was right to have avoided boys all along. I fervently hoped Dave was going to be different. My phone rang, it was Dave.Finally!
 “Dave, hey.” I answered immediately. 
“I’m sorry my darling but this isn’t Dave.” Creep!I jumped to my feet. How did he have Dave’s phone again? 
“Did you miss me?” He asked with a chuckle.
 “How’s Dave by the way? Oh no, you don’t have to answer that. I know how he is.” My heart was racing and I couldn’t speak.
 “Don’t you want to know?” He laughed. 
“Okay, I’ll tell you anyway.” I swallowed and held my breath.
 “You won’t be seeing precious Dave for a while. You know that test he went to write? Our poor Dave was caught cheating! But wait, he then knocked down a guard trying to run!” 
“No way.” I mumbled to myself. 
“Dave would never do that.” 
“You’re right. Maybe he was set up or maybe not, we’ll never know.”
 “He didn’t do it.” I said to myself. 
“He will be fine.” 
“No my dear, he won’t be fine. Did you know he was a cultist too?”
 “No, he’s not!” I screamed! 
“Sure he’s not, he doesn’t have the balls for it. But who knows what evidence might turn up.” 
“It’s me you have a problem with! Leave my boyfriend alone!” I shouted. 
“Oh, I’m coming for you too. I just want him away first. I have something special prepared for you.” He said. 
“You devil…” My lips trembled.
 “Don’t worry,I won’t harm you. Never!”
 “Leave Dave out of this please, I will break up with him if you want, please!” He laughed. 
“It’s too late for that my dear. I got to go! We will talk again soon, okay?” He said and ended the call. 
Oh Dave! What have I done? What have I done to you? Was it all true? God let it all be a bluff. There was only one person I could call. I hesitated, sighed and called Segun. . . .