Just A Dare Episode 9


“You’re coming? ”
She practically squeals on the phone and I chuckle before nodding, even though she can’t see me.
I shouldn’t go. I have told myself that I wouldn’t but still, I feel like I want to.
I shouldn’t but I feel like I should.
I want to at least have fun for this one night. Just this one night, I’m gonna break mom’s rules and lectures. It’s just for this one night and it’s not like I’m gonna do anything stupid either.

I will just have fun with Zoe around and that’s all.
I’ll not do anything reckless.
That, I promise myself.

I sigh before saying yes and she yells on the phone, I had to remove the phone from my ear and make sure that she finished screaming before I placed the phone back to my ear and I chuckle.

“Will you just get me the address, I’m coming now. ” I get up from the bed and walk to my closet, staring at my clothes. Since Beck said earlier that they are just gonna hang out at the restaurant. There’s no need for me to overdress.

“No, you wouldn’t be able to get where it is if I tell you now so I’m just gonna send someone to pick you up. Is that alright? ” She asks and I sigh, weighing my options. I don’t feel like going with someone when I know that I will have to be in that awkward position with whoever it is that is coming but I guess I will pull it off anyways.

“Um, Okay but who is coming to pick me up? ”
She didn’t allow me to end my words nor did she answer what I had asked before she had hang up the call, probably from too much excitement and I sigh, shaking my head as I stare at my clothes.
I guess a jean and a shirt should go.
I brought out my cream coloured long sleeved shirt and my white pants laying then on the bed and packing my hair in a loose ponytail. I smile at myself in the mirror before getting out of the clothes I’m in and putting on the jeans and the shirt.

Looking at myself in the mirror, I don’t see anything wrong with what I’m wearing and I grab my phone, keeping it in the trouser pocket before looking around for what else to get. I don’t think I need anything else though.

Whoever it is that’s coming to pick me up shouldn’t make things awkward for me, I pray.
I hate it when a situation awkward for me, I feel uncomfortable and I feel like I should just get out of it.


Whoever is picking me up does use a lot of time cause it’s been almost an hour and still, I haven’t seen any sign of anyone coming here.
I had thought about calling Zoe and asking if whoever it is is to coming but I decided against it.
She said that someone would do, so I should just wait and not look like I’m too desperate.

I grab my phone and browse through Netflix, seeing if I would see something that would keep me company before the person comes and knock at the door, and someone did, That must be my ride. I sigh before grabbing my phone as walking towards the door.

I open it and my mouth hangs open I stare at who is standing in front of me.