Just A Dare Episode 10


I was looking at Javier who was staring at me without saying anything while I shift uncomfortably between my legs. I stare down at my feet and pick at my fingernails. This is the awkward moment I was talking about. Out of everyone that Zoe could have asked to pick me, the best person she could pick was him?

I thought she said I wouldn’t get involved with him and now, she sent him here.

“Are you coming or what? ”

His voice jots me out of my thoughts and I sigh before nodding, staring back at the room before walking out, closing the door behind me.

“Yeah, I am. ” I breathe out and he nods before leading the way while I locked the door and we walk down through the hallway. We walked down the dorms and I couldn’t see anything. Not even a car. Where did he parked his car or he didn’t bring a car?

“We are walking. ”
He says and my eyes shoots to him immediately.
What?! What is he talking about? Walking?! Isn’t it a far distance? I have never fancy any restaurants around here whenever we come from campus so why would we walk?

“Walking?! ”

I repeated and he nods, not saying another thing.
I want to ask him where exactly it is that we are walking to but judging by his facial expression, I don’t think he would want me to ask anything from him or even talk to him about anything.

“If you’re worried about walking a long distance. Don’t worry, that isn’t that type of walking I’m talking about. My car isn’t here, that’s why we are walking to it. ” He says and turn briefly to look at me and I smile before nodding.

We finally arrive at his car and I walk in while he enters through the drivers seat.

“Do you want or need anything? I mean you might not like the choice of musics I’m gonna be putting on so you can choose what you want to listen to. ”
He says and I smile before shrugging. I don’t really mind about the choice of music that he’s gonna listen to but since he asks nicely.

“Do you have break my heart by dua lipa? ”
I ask him turning to look at him as he starts the car, bringing the engine to life and shaking his had, meaning no.

“I don’t have those kind of music on my track but you can connect your phone to it if you have it. ”
He says and I nod before connecting the phone as the music booms through the small space in the car.

*I’ve always been the one to say the first goodbye.

*Had to love and lose a hundred million times.

*Had to get it wrong to know just what I like.

*Now, I’m falling.

*Say my name like I’ve never heard before.

*I’m indecisive but this time, I know for sure.

*I hope I’m but the only one that feels it all, are you falling?

I notice him staring at the phone as if he’s trying to make out the lyrics and I chuckle before staring out the window. It must be odd for him to listen to these type of music but it’s what I like.
Especially this one.
I love it a lot.

And one thing I’m grateful for is that he isn’t complaining about it. Maybe this outing could be fun after all