Just A Dare Episode 11


We finally arrive at the restaurant and throughout the drive, he didn’t say anything else except the last time he had asked what kind of music I would like. He just drives in silence, not uttering a single word and I didn’t try to start a conversation either.

I unplug my phone from his car before opening the door and walking out of the car as I stare at the restaurant.
It looks large.
It’s a good thing.
I waited for him to come out of the car, even though it’s not really necessary, I walked inside with him, he walking ahead while I trail behind him.

We enter the restaurant and a all gasp slides through my throat as I stare around the whole place. It’s even made beautiful in the inside than the outside. I smiled and stare around before following him and that’s when I sighted Zoe’s short Bob hair.

My eyes quickly scan the group that she’s in. There are lot of guys so it must really be groups of friends and I’m getting nervous already.

This is why I hate meeting new people of course.
The anxiety and the nervousness. I hate feeling those kinds of emotions.

I shift uncomfortably between my legs, taking longer than usual to walk to the group.

Nevertheless, I arrived in front of them and all eyes shoot at me, I couldn’t fathom the look each and every one of them has on.

There are at least five girls and maybe seven to eight guys in the group.

“Finally! She’s here. Hey guys, meet my roommate and my friend. Arielle. ” Zoe squeals as she introduces me to the group.

I smile awkwardly and did a little wave before taking a seat next to Zoe with Beck in my other side.

“Arielle. I haven’t really seen you around campus. When did you arrived here? ” Really? Why does everyone keep telling me that they haven’t been seeing me around campus when I have arrived here two weeks ago. Beck told me the same thing. Am I really that invisible?

” It must be you guys cause she has been here since the last two weeks. ” Zoe says, passing me a cup and without knowing what’s inside, I merely drop it on my lap , holding it tightly between my hands like my life depends on it.

I notice pair of eyes staring at me and when I raise my head to look at who it is.
This girl is staring at me.
I don’t know her but she has short black hair, almost the same like Zoe but a little longer than hers and she has piercing on her nose.
She’s sitting next to a guy who has brown hair and piercings all over his face.
Well, this seems like the group mom would definitely freak out and see to it that I get transferred if she knows that I’m with them right now.

“Um. It’s nice meeting you Arielle. I’m Ethan. ”
A guy with black hair and maybe less piercings than others says to me, stretching his hand across the table while I smile, politely shaking it and he starts taking longer than I thought necessary. Refusing to let go of my hand.

He looks so familiar but I just can’t point out where I had known him or seen him.
Who could he be Exactly?
I feel like I might really know him