Just A Dare Episode 8


I gulp in as I stare at him. Javier. He’s putting on the exact clothes he was putting on earlier and he comes in with his hands stuck in his pocket. He turns to my side and I quickly averted my eyes away from him, staring at my feet like its the most interesting thing to do at the moment. Well, I don’t want to look at him so maybe it’s the most interesting thing to do at the moment.

I notice him tear his eyes away from me before Beck speaks up.

“You are here already, I’m surprised that you’re early since you’re always late to something like this. ” Beck chuckles and I raise my head up, the exact moment that he had rolled his eyes. He likes doing that. Oh god. What am I even talking about right now? I must be really stupid to have think that.

Zoe clearly told me why he is and how he is and even if she hadn’t told him, I should know myself that he really is a dangerous guy.
I can feel the aura around him.

“Shut the f**k up. you get more annoying each time I see you. ” He slowly hiss and I watch as his boot sounds against the floor before he takes a seat on the bed. Zoe’s bed.

“I think we are all ready to go. Ariel, are you coming? ” Zoe asked and I raise my brows at her.
She didn’t tell me anything earlier and she’s asking now if I’m coming.
Coming where?
I do have an idea that they might be going to a party or maybe somewhere fun.

“No, thank you anyways. ” I shake my head and she laughs and nod before grabbing her bag and turning to her boyfriend. I can feel Xavier eyes on me but I don’t want to look at him. I don’t know what would happen if I do so I just try my best to keep my eyes off him.

“I’ve forgotten you don’t do outing though it would be fun. ” She turns back to me and I breathe in, biting down on my lips.

“Yeah, I know it probably will but I don’t think I should go. ” I smile politely and she sighs anyways.

“Why don’t you think you should go? It isn’t those kind of parties if that’s what you’re thinking about.
We are just going to a restaurant to meet and chat among ourselves. I’m sure it would be fun. ” Beck smiles and I sigh before shaking my head.
I don’t wanna go. Partly because of mother’s lectures but I also don’t feel like going.

“No it’s not that but I’m not going. Thank for asking anyways. ” I smile at him and he nods before they all stood up.

“See you. ”
Zoe kisses my check which is new thing but I have no complaint about it.

Beck waves at me before they all both walk out of the room without javier uttering a single word. Not even a single goodbye and I don’t even know why I’m concerned about that. We don’t know each other anyways.

I sigh before looking down in the bed, staring at the ceiling then bringing out my phone.


I’ve done my assignment and even prepared ahead for class tomorrow. I’m watching Netflix, I have watch basically everything on my watchlist.
I’ve went to Wattpad, scroll through stories I could find but nothing. Nothing to read and I sigh before dropping my phone.

Before I knew what I’m doing. I’ve grabbed my phone and scrolled through my contacts, my finger pressing on the call button on Zoe’s number.

“What’s the address of that restaurant? “