Just A Dare Episode 7


I raise my head and he stretched his hand to me, excepting me to grab it and I breathe out before taking his hand while he pulls me up. He is blonde and he has dark eyes, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him before though.

“Yeah, you haven’t seen me before but I’m guessing you’re new in campus? ” He stares at me with a smile and I shake my head.

“No, not exactly but actually. I arrived weeks ago. ”
I return his smile politely before swiping my hand down my shirt and grabbing my bag from the door. It’s already covered in dirt and I couldn’t help but to scrunch my nose up at it.

“Oh, maybe it’s me but I’ve never seen you around me. Anyways, where is your dorm?” He asks and I stare at him weirdly, wondering why he’s asking that from me.

“Don’t get me wrong but I thought I would just help you carry this, I’m going to dorm room 101”
My mouth falls open cause that happens to be my dorm room but I don’t know him so why is he going to the room.

Oh, Zoe!

“yeah, that’s my dorm room . ” He’s nice.
I smile as he help me with the bag and I thank him before he leads the way. The rain is still pouring but still, we are just walking through it since we are not that far away from entering the dorm and I’m not repeating that mistake of running again and slipping through the floor.

“Then you must be the new roommate Zoe said she got. ” With the way he said her name, I knew instantly that he is the one she has always been talking about. Beck. Her boyfriend.

“So I see you’re Beck. ” I smile.
When she was talking about him, I knew he would be nice with the way she’s always describing him but one thing I didn’t expect is that he would be this nice.
He’s really nice.
Really really nice.
He has earring in his ear but only one ear, then a piercing at his earlobe with a tattoo at his neck.
Seeing him like this made me remembered the guy I had saw at the coffee shop.
He had lots and lots of tattoos.
I have never seen anyone have much tattoos and look that good in them. I shake my head off the guy and try to get back in line with Beck who’s still talking to me.

“Yeah, she also told me that I shouldn’t come around by the weekends once your mother would always be around and she wouldn’t be pleased with my.. Appearance. ” He smiles, making me know that I’ve missed some lines of what he had said first but I did catch on what he said last.

“Yeah. ” I chuckle, I can’t believe Zoe said that to her boyfriend and I can’t believe that beck is nice enough to actually think about doing that.
Most guys wouldn’t care cause they are going to see their girlfriend and I know mother would definitely cause a scene if she sees beck in there, even if he is having absolutely nothing to do with me.

We walked down the hallway then straight towards the room and I open it to see that it’s already opened. I push the door and allow Beck to get in first before walking inside and smiling at Zoe, she returns the smile. I didn’t think that she would see backs early. They must have both agreed to meet here which is quite a good thing.

“Hey babe. ”

She smiles, hugging him then wrapping her arms around him from his neck while I tear my eyes away from them and gently walk over to my bed.

“Yeah, I’ve met this your nice beautiful roommate here, she’s actually beautiful than I thought and I was wondering if she would like to… ” Before Beck could compete his words, the door opens and my breathing hitches as I stare at who has come in through the door