Just A Dare Episode 48


“I don’t know but I really do think that movie do make sense.”

Ethan chuckles as we both stop at the door of my dorm room and I smile, smiling up at him.

“Thanks for tonight. I really appreciate it.”

I smile at him and he shrugs,telling me that it’s nothing.

“So had he ever tried to contact you after that?”

He raises his brows at me and he didn’t have to say before I know who he’s talking about.

“He had never tried to. Actually he did tried to make me fall in his trap just like he’s always do but when I didn’t give him a listening ear, he stopped and that’s it. Haven’t seen him ever since I told him I am done. ”

I mutter and he nods his head.

“And you really mean what you said? You aren’t sad that he’s done and you guys aren’t getting back together?”

He raises his brows at me and I chuckle before shaking my head.

“Sad? I don’t think I should be sad about that. I should be happy instead because now, he’s finally gone from my life and he wouldn’t be able to hurt me again.”

He smiles at me and nods his head while we both stare at each other. No other words left to be said.

He had been there for me these past few days and even though I know that he’s only doing this as a friend and he doesn’t see me in that way, I can’t help but to feel attracted towards him but I will have to let the feelings die cause nothing would happen between the two of us.

“Um, I’m going to go in now.”

I mutter and he nods,still staring at me waiting for me to go.

I bite down on my lower lip and turn back to leave when I suddenly turned back and before I could process what was happening, his lips are on mine and my eyes widens immediately as his arms goes to my waist and he force entrance into my mouth, biting down on my lower lip and I groan against his before he pulls away.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have, I was just..”

Without allowing him to finish his words, I pull him towards me. Kissing him back and he slams me against the wall, my whole body heating up as he brings his hand to my ass and sqeeezes it while I groan against his lips.

He starts moving and I can hear the opening of the door and then he closes it back, pinning me to the wall and he pulls back as he attacks my neck with kisses before he brings his hand to the tank top that I’m wearing and he slowly pulls it up, palming my breasts as he pulls the top over me.


“Arielle.. I..”

I can’t find my voice as my brain finally process everything that she said.

“I do Javier. I do so much. Don’t ever think that I don’t ever again anymore.”

“I love you Arielle.”

I sigh into the phone, wishing that she was here with me right now then I would have kissed her and f**ked her so hard that she wouldn’t ever forget.

The thought of her been underneath me for the very first time makes me so f****ng hard but it isn’t the time for that yet.

“I love you too Javier but now we will have to do something because I’m just about to meet the guy that mom wants to force me to get married to. You will have to come here please.”

She says and I nod, even though she can’t see me. At this rate, I will do anything to get her back. ANYTHING!

“I will. I don’t care what they think about me this time. You’re mine and nothing is going to change that, send me the address and wait for me. I will be there, no one is taking you away from me.”