Just A Dare Episode 47



I have come to realize that I would do anything for her. The fact that I would do anything to be with her and I would do anything to make things right once again after I had f**ked it up.

I would do anything to make her come back to me and I would do anything to make her mine once again.

The fact that she had told me that she’s mine and no one else’s makes my heart leaps with joy each time that I think about it and nothing could have ever given me greater happiness.

Even after I had messed things up between us,even after I had hurt her so badly. I had thought that I lost her forever but the fact that she just told me that she’s always mine makes me happy so much that I would have screamed like a idiotic fool into the small device if I hadn’t controlled myself.

I had just asked her to be mine and when I mean mine. I mean mine. She would be no one else’s but mine.

I would be the only one to make her happy. The only one to make her sad and the only one that would ever make her cry.

I want her to be completely mine and I don’t care how different we may seem.

I don’t care what her parents would think of me. I seriously don’t care about anything anymore apart from the fact that she had to be mine. I have to make her mine and that’s all that ever matters to me.


She calls softly and my heart beats faster against my chest as I take my eyes to Sam who raises her brows at me to ask me what she’s saying and I shake my head in response that she hasn’t said anything.

And her silence could only mean only one thing. She doesn’t want it.

She doesn’t want to be mine anymore and I don’t blame her after the sh*t that I had made her go through.

I should have known that it would take her forever to want me back and I would gladly wait for her.

If it’s space and time that she needs then I would gladly give it to her as long as she doesn’t give up on me.

As long as she doesn’t give up on us and the feelings that we have for each other.

“It’s okay. I understand that you’re not ready to get back together with me after what I did and sincerely I understand you. I understand your pains and I understand what you are going through..”


She calls again but I’m quick to cut her off.

She wants to tell me no. That she doesn’t want me but I won’t allow her to do that to me.

I won’t allow her to give up on me and on us. I won’t!

“It’s fine Arielle. I really understand…”

“Will you just shut the hell up and listen to what I’m trying to tell you!”

She yells on the phone and I bite on the inside of my tongue to keep shut immediately.

“I have been trying to say something but you kept cutting me off and saying things that don’t even matter right now. I was going to tell you that I am in love with you and I want to be with you, okay!”

She yells,the words replaying over and over again in my head.