Just A Dare Episode 41



I sigh as her face comes to mind once again. The face that had once held a smile at me which held nothing but hatred and sadness. I know that what I did to her wasn’t right and she didn’t deserve a single bit of it but I just couldn’t control myself.

I shouldn’t have just left her to herself like that, even despite all odds against us. Despite her mother thinking that I’m not good for her daughter and despite the fact that her family would never approve of me, I should have still stayed with her. I should have let her make the decision herself but instead I had run off like a coward and I hate myself so much for it.

I hate myself so much for hurting her.

“Are you okay? You seem like you have something that’s bothering you on your mind. ”
Sam mutters, sliding into the booth beside me and I smile at her. She’s always the only one that cares about what’s happening to me and how I truly feel apart from Arielle.

“I think I might actually be in trouble Sam. ”
I sigh and she raises her brows at me.

“Trouble? What trouble have you found yourself in? ” She sighs and I shake my head, holding my head in between my hands and shaking it repeatedly while Sam just watched me keenly.

“I think I might be in love with someone. ”
I sigh and I watch her face spread into a huge grin. Sam has always been teasing me about finding someone to love and someone to care for me. I had been hundred percent sure that that person doesn’t exist in this world cause I have never felt drawn to any girl aside for a sec until her. Until Arielle.

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Sam is always telling me that the day I would find the girl and she would make a whole lot of fun of me about when I had been so sure of myself that I would not and never be in love. And she has been right, must love speak. I found someone that I felt drawing to other than having her as my sex buddy and I had just lost her because I couldn’t control it and I wasn’t ready to admit it either.

“You know her. She was there when I took you to my friends to have fun and play games. She was dared to kiss me, Arielle. ” I mutter and I watch her eyes widens which gives me the impression that says she already know who I’m talking about.

“Oh, that beautiful girl that you couldn’t keep your eyes off and she couldn’t keep you off her either. I sensed that something was going on between you two. The way you were both staring was just too obvious. She’s really beautiful and she’s the only one amongst your friends I came to like immediately because she looks so innocent.”

“She is. ” I mutter, smiling and she shakes her head at me.

“Damn! You really are in love with her. Well then what’s the trouble about cause I’m sure that she feel something for you also. ” She says and I shake my head.

“We are really different. She and I. We are polar opposites actually and her family would also be against me being with her. I mean look at me and look at her. It would never work out. ” I shake my head and she sighs.

“You shouldn’t say that. If she really cares about you like you do for her then she wouldn’t mind about all those things. ”

“I don’t want her to lose her family like I lost mine. ”

“For a girl that’s in love. There’s no greater pain than losing the one you love so I tell you this, you have to go back to her. You have to go back to her and set things right. Stand by her and be together as one until they accept the two of you been together. It’s now or never. ”

It’s now or never.