Just A Dare Episode 37


I stare at the woman whom I later found out that she’s Arielle’s mother and I watch the two of them exchange words until the woman says something and Arielle couldn’t speak a word anymore. She just stood there, staring into space and it made me wonder what’s going on in that head of hers. I wonder if she’s thinking that what the women is saying is really true.
If I only really wanted to get into her pants?

It made me angry that she would think like that because I have tried every way possible to show her that I love her and I only want her. I know that I haven’t exactly said the words but this is so hard for me. It’s giving hard time that I don’t even know what to do or think. Also, isn’t it the popular saying that actions speaks louder than words?

Then why are my actions not speaking louder than words in the case of Arielle? Is she really thinking that I’m just here for fun. That I just want to use her and dump her. I want to tell her and yell at her that she’s stupid if she thinks that’s what I’m doing.

That she’s stupid if she doesn’t know that I want her so f****ng badly that it hurts each time that I think about it.

I saw the eye the women gave me and I don’t have to think too much before I recognize that eye. I know that it doesn’t even make any sense and any mother in her shoes would think the exact same thing when they see me with their daughter.

I’m the polar opposite of everything that she is. She is pure and I’m weird. She is so f****ng innocent that it thrills me anytime I think about how innocent she is while I’m just f**ked up. I have done a lot of sh*ts but I’m ready to give all that up if it means that I’m going to get her. If it means that she gets to be mine. I would do anything! Anything!

I would go to the ends of the world to make her mine and I will change every course of destiny just to be with her. That’s how much I love her.
I wish I could say those words to you Arielle but just not yet, not yet. Just wait a little but more for me Arielle and I will say this words whenever you want me to. Wherever and as much as you want me to.


This is what mom does to me. This is exactly what happens when she interferes in my life. She makes me question everything about my life and she makes me feel like everything I have been doing is wrong. Every step that I have taken, every decision. She made me feel like they aren’t right and then she tries to make them for me but not this time. I’m not going to let her to have her way. Not this time. I’m not going to allow her to ruin it for me this time.

“Just leave mom please. You have no right to just come here and say all those things about me and who I’m with. ” I mutter, my chest heaving up and down and she shakes her head.

“But I do dear. I do because I’m the only one that can. I’m the only one that would lead you from the wrong path to the right because that’s what mothers do. How can you have strayed so far Arielle? How can you be like this when you would be getting married in no time! ” And my heart stop beating momentarily.