Just A Dare Episode 36



My heart is beating so fast against my chest that I actually thought that everyone inside this room would probably be listening to it right now. God. I can’t believe that my mother is here and out of all the times that she could be here, it gets to be the time when I’m with Javier. She would freak out, she would definitely freak out and she would definitely so something more than freak out. She might say something to him.

I turn to look at Javier who has an emotionless expression across his face and I shake my head . He had no idea how mother can be and what she can do. She can be very rude and annoying if she wants to and she definitely wouldn’t like the fact that I’m here right now.
In bed with a tattooed guy.

“Arielle, what the hell do you think you’re doing? In bed with that thing..? ” She shake her head, staring at him as if he just done piece of sh*t and it makes me really angry. I don’t want her to look at him like that. I don’t like her talking to him like that. As if he’s a nobody.

“Stop it mother, please! He isn’t a thing. He is my boyfriend. ” I don’t know how I had managed to say out those words but I’m glad that I did said that and I watch mother eyes widens as she stares between me and him while I slowly rise up from the bed, using my head.

“You can’t be serious! ” She snaps and I slightly flinch at the loudness of her voice.

“When exactly did you turned like this Arielle? Didn’t I warned you in staying away from bad friends? Where the hell did you meet that thing and you suddenly called him your boyfriend. Look at him and look at yourself Arielle.. ” She continues and I only shake my head, knowing that I have no words to say.

I know that Javier and I are very different but isn’t it the popular saying that opposite attracts? I know that mom wouldn’t take it easy but she has to, she has to finally accept that I’m an adult, capable to make my own decisions and capable of being with someone that I like.
She has to accept the fact now and not try to control me cause I wouldn’t let her do that anymore. I’m tired of her doing that every single time.

“You are a girl that comes from a reputable family and your family has honour and reputation in the society but you’re going to destroy that because of this? This guy right here? This thing that you call your boyfriend who wants absolutely nothing than to just get into your pants! ” She says and I gulp in, hardly. I should say something also. I should let her know that isn’t how our relationship is. I should let her understand that I will do anything for him as he would do anything for me then I realized that we aren’t actually dating, he hasn’t asked me out and neither has he once tell me that he’s in love with me.

This is really frustrating. I was ready to go all superwoman on my mother for a guy that has never asked for a relationship with me and for a guy that I might actually mean nothing to. Maybe mom could be right all along. Maybe all he wants is to get in my pants and I have been foolishly falling into his trap.

How stupid am I?