Just A Dare Episode 35



Taking the long stride across the road, I move over to where he had parked his car and breathe out, about to open the car when I head some voices coming out. One I can recognize as Beck and the other one, I can’t really tell who it is but I do know that it’s a girl. The realization of that made my heart thumps and it hurts so damn f****ng much.

Even though, I now know what to expect from it. I still satisfied my curiosity and my hope that it might not really be what I’m thinking.

Holding onto the door handle, I pull it open and my heart almost jump out if my chest as I shake my head staring at the two of them who are now both staring at me.

Beck face holding that of a shocked, surprised and maybe guilty but I don’t think the girl really care less about me opening the door and catching them like this.

I can’t believe this! He had told me to come here and want us to go out but instead, he’s here and making out. Almost having sex with some random girl!

“f**k you Beck! ” I scream, jamming the door immediately and running as far as my feet will carry me. I just need to get away from there. I need to get away from the scene that has somehow managed to take my heart then break it into thousands and hundreds pieces.

I just kept running without absolutely no idea of where or what I’m running towards but I know I need to get away as far as I can.

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“I can’t get enough of you Ariel. I think you might be my addiction, I just can’t seem to stay away from you. ”He trails kisses down my neck and I moan out, my fingers threading into his hair as he sucks on the skin just below my ear, making all my body yearns for me. I just want to grab his cloth and tear it away allowing me across to his body and I’m surprised at the way my body yearns badly for me.

“I can’t do this now. I can’t touch you now cause I know that you aren’t ready for this but I really can’t wait to touch you. To bury myself deep inside you while you whine underneath me. ”He kisses the tip of my nose as I try to calm down my own breathing.

He pulls away, letting a little distance between us before bringing his finger to my forehead then tracing it down to my lips.

His forefinger grazes over it before he slowly pulls my lips open, holding my lower lip between his thumb and his forefinger then lowering himself to close his lips on mine, slowing removing his finger and his teeth grazing over my lower lip before he pulls my upper lip between his teeth and bite on the lower one.

Heat travels through my entire body, settling on my core as I bring my hand to his shirt, lifting it up and resting my hands on his skin. His skin hot against my touch.

He grabs my legs and wrap it around his waist while I use it to pull him closer to me as far as I can possibly do. He chuckles against my lips before slowly moving his hips, grinding against mine and I take in a deep breath as I try hard not to flip us on the bed and take off his entire clothing.

“What the hell are you doing right now?! ”That voice sounded all too familiar and immediately I realize who it is. All previous thoughts of trying to yank his clothes off dissolve instantly and I push him off me, heart beating fast as I stare at my mother who looks like she’s going to murder Javier.