Just A Dare Episode 34


“So everything is alright between you two once again. You guys are now dating, is that it? ” Zoe asks as we both lay on the bed and I chuckle before shaking my head, remembering our times together these past few days.

“I won’t really say we are dating now cause he hasn’t asked the words, but at least now, we have both stopped trying to run away from each other, we have stopped fighting and I can sense the closeness together once again. I feel like I’m a little bit more closer to him now. ” I smile and she chuckles before nodding giving me a smile.

“I know that feeling. Trust me, I know how it feel but I just want to warn you to be careful, you have to be because it’s Javier remember? And I’m not saying that because I want to make him look bad or something, I’m just watching out for you and I don’t want you to get hurt. ”
Smiling, I nod my head and she pats my shoulder before grabbing her phone and turning to lay on her stomach.

“I don’t think I would be in tonight. Beck wants to take me somewhere according to him and I have no absolutely idea where, but he said I should get ready and there might be a chance we wouldn’t be returning today. ” She says and I smile, grinning as I raise my brows at her.

“You and Beck, uh? I guess you guys settled everything now. Did he stopped? ” I mutter, immediately stopping the smile and putting on a serious face cause this isn’t a laughing matter to her.

“Yeah. Yeah, we settled. Actually, I’m not really sure cause that girl I think he has been cheating on me with just came to me, talking sh*ts about me stealing him from her. All f**ked up things but I think he gave her up but hey, just because he left her doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be with another person, right? ” She grins and I shake my head, moving closer to her and holding my hands in hers.

“Hey, it isn’t like that. I promise you it isn’t like that. He would never cheat on you ever again. I think he has learnt his lesson now and if he does continue the act, just shove his f****ng D*** down the toilet, he wouldn’t have the nerves to insert that thing in any other girl again. ” Her eyes widens with the eyes that I have said and I feel my own cheeks flush immediately as I realized I had really said those words out. I really didn’t mean to say those out.

“Oh. My. God. I can’t believe i just said that. ”
I groan, face palming myself and hiding my face in my palms.

“Hell! I can’t believe you just said that either. I think Javier might really be a mad influence to you, f**k! ” She mumbles and I shake my head still can’t believe myself either.

“Alright. So I guess I should go and start preparing before Beck comes and go all superman on me. ” She grabs and I chuckle, nodding my head.

She stands up and begin to walk away while I grab my laptop and try to focus on the class project.

“Ariel… ”
She calls from behind and I turn to see her staring at something. I turn my face towards the direction and gulp in as he smiles at me and walk inside.


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