Just A Dare Episode 3


The alarm booz off and I groan as I raise my head and stretch my hand across to turn it off. I sat up on the bed and glance at the time. It’s six. I got up from the bed and Zoe isn’t here, it seems like she went to bath already.

I grab my own toiletry bag and my towel before walking out of the room, making sure I lock it.
This is a dorm. Only god knows the stranger that will stumble here and try entering without even looking at the dorm number.

I walk down the hallway and there were no people here, most students prefer waking up the exact time they have lectures then running up and down and ending up becoming late all because they attended late night parties. I’m just glad for one thing right now – the fact that me and my roommate seems to have brains.

I finally walked into the public bathroom and I know there was someone in there already. Probably Zoe. I still remembered r when mother came to drop me off, I remember the way she had scrunched her nose up when she heard that I would be using a public bathroom. To my mother, that was a disgrace to our reputation. Of course, it’s all about reputation. She thinks it isn’t decent for me to walk from the dorm down here just in a towel then walking back into my room when lots of jerks would be watching but I declined.

If mother would have it Her way, I wouldn’t be here now.. I would be in my own apartment. Bigger than my last room in the house I left. I would be sitting alone and probably won’t have any problem with the bathroom but I refuse to bend to her will on this. I won’t go to any apartment.. Especially alone.
I refuse to do that.
I will enjoy this school life as much as I can.
Well, not by being wayward or things like that but by not having my mother breathing down my neck every single second.
The little freedom I have from been far away from her, I will enjoy and it’s really little cause she’s calling almost every hour and she’s always visiting at school weekends. I wish she would just get busy so she wouldn’t pay too much attention on me.

I sigh as the cotton opens and Zoe comes out with her hair set and scattered across her face.
She looks like she didn’t even had one drip of sleep at all.

“Hey good morning. I was just gonna wake up once I’m done here so you wouldn’t have to wait here. You know how your mother was last time. ”
She teases and I shake my head, playfully glaring at her.

“You look like hell. What happened? ”
I laugh as she shifts for me to walk in.
Well, she does look like hell but I think bathing has woken her. Though there are still bangles under her eyes.

“Nothing much. I had work to do ”
Her voice is distorted as I turn in the shower and the warm water hits my body, I smile.

“Really? Work? I thought you did that yesterday before coming back here. ”
I shake my head and laugh again.
I really love the cool water.
It is practically warm against my body. So warm.

“Yeah, I didn’t go yesterday, I went to see my boyfriend. Then I had tons of assignment to drop today so I barely got one hour sleep. ” She signs. No wonder she woke earlier than I did.

“what did I tell you, procrastinating isn’t a good habit ” I ignore the part about her boyfriend.
If I pay much attention to it, I would be feeling bad about not having one when I’m nineteen years but mother said I’m betrothed to someone already. Someone I don’t even know.
And it would be wrong dating guys around when I’m already someone’s. Moms words, not mine.

“Yeah, I know that but I had to go see him. ”
She sighs and I breathe out. It would be like I’m purposely ignoring this if I ignore that right?

“What happened? ” I mumble, hoping she didn’t hear me then I would blame it on her that she was the one that didn’t answer and I had asked actually. I chuckle at my own thoughts, shaking my head.

“Nothing. I just missed him, didn’t see him last few days cause he had to go somewhere.” She says and I roll my eyes. I shouldn’t have asked at all.

“I’m waiting for you. We have first lesson together today. ” She says and I chuckle, hurrying up with bathing and stop playing with the water.

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